Where we started with weaning

Where we started with weaning

We are now into our fourth month of weaning Florence and I for one am absolutely loving this journey,a nd so is Florence. We controversially weaned Florence early, at four months. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly, but I did do my research and to me, Florence was showing all of the signs of being ready for food so I trusted my instincts and started off very slowly. We took quite a different approach to weaning compared to a lot of other parents I know.

For the first few weeks we kept it very simple. Once a day – normally in the evening – she’s have a portion of Cow & Gate baby porridge to which I always added extra milk to to make it easier for her little tummy to digest. We quickly moved onto to the Heinz flavoured baby porridge (sunrise banana or apple) in a bid to start introducing some flavours.


After about three weeks, we introduced a second meal at breakfast time. She would have porridge for breakfast & then an Ella’s Kitchen pouch for tea at around 5pm. The Ella’s Kitchen range are split into stages, and the stage 1 pouches are suitable from 4 months – their super smooth with no lumps! We would try another flavour every three days (to eliminate any allergies!) and while she prefferred the ones with apple in,  she loved them all!IMG_3930

When she reached five months, we very tentatively introduced some finger foods under very watchful eyes! Mainly for her to suck on to soother her teething gums aside from anything else. She had her first tastes of a raw yellow pepper and a cucumber stick around this point, but they weren’t actually eaten and we stuck to rusk biscuits until she hit 6 months. She’d have one while we ate lunch mostly as I really think meal times are important family time and it kept her entertained while we ate.WEANING PIN

I am going to do a whole series of posts on where we went from there, but thought I’d share this little insight into our early weaning adventures as I know we’ve been asked quite a lot about how we introduced food into our daily routine with Florence. Throughout all of this, we maintained the same routine with milk too.

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