The Weekend Blog #2 | The one where nothing went to plan

The Weekend Blog #2 | The one where nothing went to plan

Four whole weekends have passed since I started this little ‘series’ and this is only my second installment… oops. However, with lots of lovely Christmassy things planned for the weekends during December The Weekend Blog should become a more regular thing. This weekend will be donned the one where nothing much went as planned but turned out alright in the end.


Sean has been off work for a few weeks now as work has really dried up for him and we’ve all been poorly this week with either sickness bugs or colds so we started our weekend with hopes for a bunch of Christmas fun to cheer everyone up. We got off to a pretty slow start and that’s just sort of how the day carried on. Sean had had to pop out and run an errand and got stuck in traffic for an hour on the way and Florence was so incredibly overtired and emotional that nothing very productive happened at all. A failed attempt at nap time and an empty fridge til the food shop arrived on Saturday lead to Florence & I escaping the house to get some lunch from the bakers and having a little picnic on the bench in our local park. We stomped and crunched in the fallen leaves and went on a Stick hunt singing the Stick Song from Hey Duggee as we went.

We came home and ordered pizza for tea and then Sean and I sat and watched Grey’s Anatomy before Florence woke up thinking that it was morning already — it was 10pm! I think we finally managed to all get to sleep around 12.15.


For me, Saturday was all about work. I headed to a local school fayre in a bid to sell some of my ‘A Very Lovely Christmas’ wares. (Full disclosure, A Very Lovely Christmas is my own little Christmas shop selling Christmas Eve boxes & stocking fillers etc). It was more of a success than last week’s Nearly New Sale disaster but nowhere near as busy as I’d hoped. I did get to meet the Big Man himself though so not all was lost! Fingers crossed for next weekends efforts! While I was there Sean and Florence went to his parents house and spent the day playing and spending some quality time with his Dad. Florence finally overcame her fear of the rocking horse / unicorn which is lucky as she has a beautiful wooden one coming for Christmas! I joined them there for dinner before we came home to get in our pjs and snuggle down for an early night.

I’ve been a bit convinced for a little while that baby is going to make an early appearance. I’m not sure what makes me think it, just instinct maybe, but I found myself laying in bed worrying about just how unprepared we are for his arrival. This week is going to be the week I pack my hospital bag and get stuff sorted at home!


I woke up determined to fill the day with festive cheer and head out somewhere magical where Florence could run around and play. The garden centre or a pick your own tree farm perhaps? A visit to Santa definitely! Annoyingly, my plans got changed fairly quickly and Sean had to go out and chase up some work payments leaving me housebound with a very grumpy toddler and a desperate feeling of cabin fever! I spent the majority of the morning trying to think of something we could do and juggling housework while taming toddler tantrums. Honestly the whole ordeal left us both blubbering messes by the time nap time came around.

However, when Sean got home and I’d had a good vent we decided to head out for lunch as a family. Everywhere was fully booked for a Sunday roast so we ended up in Frankie & Benny’s which actually turned out to be just what we needed. Sean had a burger while I opted for pasta & Florence had pizza, chips & beans… with half of my pasta too. She ate more in that sitting than she has all week and was such a good girl at the table. Far, far from the mealtime stresses we’ve had recently. I was having Braxton Hicks all the way through which added an interesting element to our dinner!

We came home and just chilled with my mum & sister for the rest of the evening. Sean took Alfie out for a walk and then, after a snack it was time for bed! It’s 5 past 9 and Florrie is wide awake watching the end of Secret Life of Pets after having a new burst of energy as soon as we laid down in bed. It does mean extra cuddles though… work can wait ’til tomorrow.

And there we have it, our weekend. Sorry if I’ve been a bit of a whinge bag this week, but you get warts and all here. Fingers crossed for a more successful weekend next weekend!

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