The Weekend Blog #4 | Summer is here!

The Weekend Blog #4 | Summer is here!

Ahh I am so excited about summer finally being here! This weekend we made a start on ticking off some of the things on our summer bucket list.


Sean was working on Saturday morning so I decided to get myself and the littles out for a wander first thing to beat the midday heat. I had to pick up a parcel from the sorting office so we walked there and then headed towards the Lakes as we were half way there anyway. It’s become a bit of a go to place for us to go when it’s just me and the children as it’s easy to walk to. We walked through and played in the wild flower meadow and then went for ice cream by the waters edge. 

We were inundated by geese while Florence was testing out the giant beach chair and because I’m so useless around them (totally irrational terror) we ended up being separated by a big gaggle of Mama geese and their babies! Florence was pretty chill about it to be fair, but I ended up having to rope in the ice cream man to scare them away. 

We got home in time for lunch and stayed home in the cool until Sean got home. He went to go amd pick up the bed we’ve bought for Florence ready to move into when William has to go into her cot bed and then we had a really relaxed afternoon and evening with a take away and lots of playing.


We had a bit of an impromptu trip to the seaside on Sunday. I say impromptu, Sean had planned the whole thing but didn’t realise he’d double booked us and forgot to tell me ’til Saturday night! We went to Camber Sands and met up with a friend of Sean’s & his family who we haven’t seen in over a year. It was the children’s first ever beach day.It was unbelievably windy and we got sand pretty much EVERYWHERE but despite that we had such a lovely day.

We got back home and had dinner together in the garden. Itw as the perfect end to a really nice weekend as family. I am hoping to document every weekend through the summer to go along with our summer scrapbook. Til’ next weekend. x x

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