Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

As a new parent, you really can never have too many blankets. Whether it’s a special Granny knit, a fleecey snuggle baby blanket, or a giant muslin, we very rarely leave the house without at least one.  This month, as part of our Zippy Bibs ambassador role, we were sent one of their new baby blankets to test out and over the last few weeks we have been putting it through its paces. SPOILER ALERT: We love it. SO MUCH.

The pink & white stripey baby blanket is a pretty and practical baby must have. It’s knitted with 100% combed cotton making it perfect for keeping baby cosy on a cold day or out and about.
zippy blanket

It is unbelievably soft and completely free of any bobbly bits for the ultimate comfort for baby. Florence also now quite likes to play with it, stroking it with her hands. 21148646_1781840355161178_541238496_n

Not only have we used this blanket to keep Florence snuggly & warm throughout this strange non summery summer, we’ve also used it as a play mat, picnic blanket & photo backdrop.


Having used this blanket almost every day, you can imagine we’ve had to wash it quite a few times and it is still as soft and lovely as the day it arrived.

This gorgeous blanket makes a really lovely gift for new parents and at £20 is very reasonable for the quality. It is available in a number of different designs from stars to spots and in pinks, blues, greys & monochrome.

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