Review: The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

Review: The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

When I was pregnant with Florence I read every parenting book I could get my hands on. It was my inner control freak’s way of preparing for all of possible things that could be thrown at me in those early days as a Mama and while I took a little bit of value from each of them, only one of them talked about what I could expect from myself and not just from my baby. I was very lucky after having Florence that everything was pretty plain sailing. I’d had a straightforward birth with no stitches needed, and I was up and about pain free three days post partum. The baby blues never came and we quickly fell into a steady routine as a new family of three. Added to that the fact that Florence was a textbook, easy baby and it’s safe to say I felt very very fortunate to find those early weeks with a newborn a bit of a breeze.

However, I have to admit, had I been less confident or had Florence not been quite so ‘text book’ I fear my post natal experience would have been a bit of a struggle. I was missed off of the list of any postpartum care and had to chase up the midwife and health visitors on more than one occasion for the standard appointments, which aside from one, ended up making me feel pretty rubbish.

Had I had midwives and a post natal team like the two women who wrote the book I’m about to tell you about, I’d have had an even better experience. The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums by Beccy Hands & Alexis Stickland is an ultimate guide to what you can expect from your own mind and body once you’ve had your little one. Split into three main sections the two midwife-turned-authors discuss everything from vaginal tears and pelvic floors to nourishing your body and dealing with the baby blues in a no holds barred way. With nothing left unsaid and all of those questions you might be embarrassed to ask, Beccy and Alexis have written in such a way that makes you feel like you’re sitting chatting to your best mate rather than reading a ‘self help book’.

I particularly like the way that both women share their own personal experiences of dealing with the rollercoaster that is the post party in period be it through their own journeys as mothers or their experience of caring for others. The emphasis is definitely on accepting your own need as a new mother to trust your instincts and be kind to yourself more than anything else and that’s such a refreshing message compared to other books and websites we are often subject to.

As well as frank & friendly advice, the book contains easy to read and go handy recipe and top tip pages which I will no doubt be turning to as and when the need arises once baby boy is here. The chicken noodle soup recipe looks delicious so I might even try it beforehand!

The Little Book of Self Care for new mums  highlights the lacking in care provided to new Mum’s in my own local area when it talks about what you can expect from midwife appointments after having your baby, however this time around I feel like I’d be more prepared and empowered to question if I felt that they had missed something or if I felt I needed something more than just a quick chat. Plus, having this little guide in my armoury on the days when things are feeling a bit overwhelming or I feel unsure about something will help no end.

I’d thoroughly recommend this book to any expecting Mama, first time or otherwise, as at a time when your world feels like it’s been tipped on its side we could all do with a little empowerment and reminder that you matter too. It’s available on Amazon here* for £8.27 and would make a beautiful baby shower gift!

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I was sent this book for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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