Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Fox

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Fox

I’d never heard of Skip Hop as a brand before, until my friend Jennie told me all about their baby toys. I’ve ogled at her Camping Cubs Play Mat each time we’ve visited! Last week, while on the hunt for toys to add to our Autumn Baby Play box, I found myself looking through their range on Amazon and came across their Bandana Buddies Fox. He would be perfect for this months play theme (I’m planning a post all about why we theme our baby play, so keep an eye out for that) and along with a set of the Skip Hop shakers I ordered one online.

‘Mr Fox’, as we so imaginatively call him, is a cute and cuddly activity toy packed with different features to stimulate your little ones senses. Visually, he is bright and colourful and is adorned with a variety of contrasting  patterns (stripes, zig zags &  shapes) which make for a fabulous feast for babies eyes. Florence is especially taken with the chevron pattern on his ears and loves to gaze up at him when we hang him from her pushchair hood or our make shift Shnuggle play gym. skip hop bandanna buddies

skip hop bandana buddies 5

As well as providing plenty to look at, the different fabrics used in his design offer lots of opportunities for baby to explore different textures. He has crinkly ears, a smooth & shiny nose, a fluffy tail and a silky body. The two teether elements – the removable bandana and the leaf are both bumpy. As Florence is in the habit of putting EVERYTHING in her mouth  at the moment thanks to pesky teeth these are a really welcome feature! It’s safe to say this toy plenty to keep her little fingers busy. skip hop bandana buddies

Mr Fox also holds a little plastic ring with colored beads inside which make a lovely rattly sound when shaken. Along with the crinkly ears, this adds a fab noisy element and ticks off another sense. skip hop bandana buddies 3

One of the qualities I always look for in a good baby toy is the grab-ability factor – how easy is it for Florence to pick up by herself? The Bandana Buddies Fox has multiple grabbable (is that even a word?!) elements. His legs, tails, whiskers and ears are all the perfect size for little hands to get a hold of as well as the plastic loop rattle and the two teether parts too! skip hop bandana buddies 2

Overall, I have been super impressed with our Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Fox, he’s jam packed with activities to keep babies occupied for hours of play. He makes the perfect travel companion too and we’ve not left the house without him since we arrived. At £16 with free delivery on Amazon Prime, we think he is well worth the money and have our eye on the monkey version to add to Florence’s Christmas list.skip hop bandana buddies PIN

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