Safe and Snug with the Gro Company Gro-Snug

Safe and Snug with the Gro Company Gro-Snug

I mentioned before how important safe sleep is to us when it comes to Florence. A whole lot of careful planning and consideration went into creating the safest sleep environments for her during my pregnancy and now that she is here we’ve been putting all of the safe sleep products we bought to the test.

The Gro-Snug is one of our most used baby products already – we’ve used on every night so far. A cross between a sleeping bag and a swaddle blanket, the Gro-Snug is designed to keep your new born baby snuggled up ensuring she can lay feeling secure while allowing her legs to find their natural froggy position which Florence seems to love, as well as providing a safer sleep alternative to loose blankets and cot bedding which is advised against in UK safe sleep guidelines provided by the Lullaby TrustGro-Snug 3

For parents who like the idea of swaddling, but have no idea where to start, or honestly not the time, the Gro-Snug is just perfect. There’s no need for complicated folding or faffing around each night time nappy change, you simply zip your baby in from the bottom and it creates a perfect little safe haven encouraging healthy hip placement for her and the ultimate convenience for Mama.Gro-Snug 4


One of the features that makes the Gro-Snug so great is the choice it provides. If your baby likes to be snuggled up with her arms in close then you can use the poppers on the arm holes to them safely tucked in. If, like Florence, she likes to be swaddled but with her arms out, you just leave the poppers undone and the arms through the holes.Gro-Snug 5

With each Gro-Snug you receive a room thermometer and since we have three, we’ve placed one in each of her sleep spaces across the house – her bedroom, our bedroom & the living room. They’ve been great in helping us make sure that Florence is dressed perfectly for the environment around her and with temperatures set to soar over the summer this is so important for creating the safest possible space. She’s mainly been sleeping in just a short sleeved body suit and a Gro-Snug.

What your baby wears will depend on the weight of Gro-Snug and the temperature of the baby’s bedroom. (In the same way as you would adjust nightclothes and number of blankets). – The Gro Company

For cooler weather, the Gro-Snug is also available in a heavier weight called ‘cosy’. This would be perfect for winter babies or for cooler houses.

We’re convinced the use of Gro-Snugs with little Florence will make the transition to Gro-Bags so much easier when she’s that bit bigger too. Overall we absolutely love this product and it is up there in our list of recommended new born essentials.

*We were sent one Light Orla Kiely Elephant Gro-Snug for the purpose of this review. We were so impressed with the concept that we also purchased two more designs, Make a Wish & Polka Party.

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