Poddle Pod – A Mama’s extra pair of hands

Poddle Pod – A Mama’s extra pair of hands

At nearly four weeks old, Florence is a very cuddly little thing. She is happiest when laying in somebodies arms or snoozing on my chest and during the day time, she very rarely settles down for a nap if she doesn’t feel snuggled up to me or Sean but sometimes, especially when it’s just me at home, a Mama needs her hands free for five minutes, even if it’s just so she can run for a quick wee or eat that piece of toast that went cold about half an hour ago, and that’s when I turn to our Poddle Pod. poddle pos 2

Some of you may know that I used to run an online baby shop and the Poddle Pod was one of our best sellers. Along with the NodPod, I would recommend it to every expecting Mama I came into contact with as despite not having a little one of y own I loved the concept and had only ever heard good things. However, until I had Florence I had no idea just how much of a sanity saver it would be. We use our Poddle Pod every single day and it really does feel like a second pair of hands. It means I can work in the mornings while Florence lays next to me, eat dinner, tidy up the baby stuff explosion in the living room and even wash/sterilise/prepare the next load of bottles without having to risk waking her from her nap or do absolutely everything one handed.
Poddle Pod #4

The Poddle Pod is essentially a large nest-like pillow. When your baby is laid down in the pod, the cushion walls cuddle in to help your baby feel snuggled and secure despite not being in your arms. It is 100% washable and made from breathable materials to stop any bacteria build up.  It is worth mentioning here that while breathable, safe sleep guidelines from the Lullaby Trust recommend a clear cot space and so would advise against unsupervised sleep in the Poddle Pod or any other baby pillow or nest – something Poddle Pod inventor Charlotte is quick to advise and we implement here at all times – Florence is never far from my sight while sleeping in hers. Poddle Pod #3

As well as for supervised naps and snuggles, we use our Poddle Pod for  a whole multitude of things. It’s the perfect place for newborn play, ideal for a quick nappy change, a safe and warm setting for a spot of baby massage & fab for that all important tummy time. We even use ours as a photo backdrop.  poddle pod 4 08062017

We use it in the living room, in the garden and even take it to Granny’s house. In fact, we take it pretty much everywhere we go that we’ll be staying for a long time. We’re heading on a few little breaks over the next few months and the Poddle Pod will be one of the first things I pack.

When choosing your Poddle pod, there are a number of double sided washable and removable covers available in a range of gorgeous prints and designs. We opted for this pretty pink fairy tale print called Enchanted and will be ordering a second cover in Stardust in the next few weeks. Poddle Pod #5

The Pod bundle which includes the pod, cover & a carry bag retails at £39.99 and is suitable for babies aged 0-6m. For babies aged 6 months+, the larger Toddle Pod is also available at £49.99.

*We were sent one Poddle Pod Package for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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