Nod Pod Baby Blanket Review

Nod Pod Baby Blanket Review

There are just some products that, as a Mama, you swear by. Today I wanted to tell you all about one of my all time top baby essentials, a product I take with me where ever we go and that is the Nod Pod Baby Blanket.

The Nod Pod is an innovative take on the baby blanket designed to make leaving the house and getting out and about with a baby for parents while keeping baby snug. With leg compartments & a hood I can rest assured that Florence is nice and warm without the constant worry of her kicking off the blankets!27744526_10156181630837990_176654443_o

The Nod Pod’s clever design is compatible with 3 and 5 point harnesses to ensure ultimate safety when Florence is strapped into a carseat or push chair and works as a safer alternative to padded snowsuits (we’ve all seen the video demonstrating how padded clothing in a car seat is incredibly dangerous yes?) . It’s so easy to just pop her legs in the Nod Pod, strap her in and then cover her over with the flaps on either side and rest assured that nothing she is wearing will effect her safety. When I ran Beebies, I would recommend them as the perfect blanket to bring baby home in, as it means one less thing to worry about when getting to grips with the new car seat!


The Nod Pod can also be used with a baby carrier. There really is nothing more frustrating than walking along while wearing baby and faffing around with blankets trying to keep her little legs warm and so for me, this is where the Nod Pod really comes in to it’s own.27747257_10156181627862990_1243157341_o

It’s made from a fleece material which is perfect for keeping babies cosy on cooler days and is available in several gorgeous designs. We’ve so far opted for the baby pink, but I also love the rainbow stripes & the grey stars. They start at just £22 and come in three sizes – 0-6m, 6-12m & 1-2y. Katie, Beth & Sarah are on hand all through the week to help with any queries and because it’s a lovely little independent company they provide such a wonderful personal service. I thoroughly recommend the Nod Pod baby blanket for anyone with a little one.27711503_10156181633072990_1794793681_o

You can win a Nod Pod baby blanket along with some of our other favourite baby products over in my Baby Must Haves giveaway worth a whopping £500!

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