Milk Monster Review & Giveaway

Milk Monster Review & Giveaway

We chose fairly early on in my pregnancy that Florence would be bottle fed. Not because I have anything against breastfeeding, but because it just suits our lifestyle better and so far I am happy to say we made the right decision. We have routine, Florence is gaining weight by the second and Sean & I share all the feeds giving us both that chance to bond with our daughter. However, like most things, bottle feeding does have some drawbacks, and one of those is that the Milk you prepare has an expiry time on it depending on where and when it was prepared and stored. That’s where Milk Monster comes in.┬ámilk monster 2

Controversial as it may be, we prepare four bottles at a time and store them at the back of the fridge until Florence is ready for a feed and then we heat them up in a jug of boiling water. Because of the risk of bacteria growing, it is important that we keep a track of how long each bottle has 1) been in the fridge )recommended max. is 24 hours) and 2) how long it’s been out for the feed (recommended max. 2 hours).

Milk Monster is a clever little timer which attaches to your baby’s bottle. You can set the time required and it counts down in minutes how long you have left before the milk needs to be thrown away. This comes in especially handy if your baby falls asleep mid fed but is likely to wake up hungry before the milk spoils. Florence tends to split her mid morning feed and with the Milk Monster I can have peace of mind that I’m not feeding her anything that might upset her tummy.

The Milk Monster is packed with features designed to make parents life easier, not only is it easy to use – there are only three buttons and you really can’t go wrong! – the outer case is dishwasher safe, has glow in the dark elements to save you fumbling around trying to find it during those night feeds & the entire unit is splash proof. It’s available in in a range of colours too!

I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Milk Monster to offer you the chance to win one of these handy little gadgets yourself to help you take the guessing out of feeding time. All you have to do is complete the form below to be in with a chance.

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The competition is open to UK entrants only.

The competition closes on 7th July 2017.

Two winners will be selected at random & announced on 8th July 2017.

FHL Milk Monster will ship the prize directly.

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5 thoughts on “Milk Monster Review & Giveaway”

  • My tip is to keep plenty of muslins nearby for any throw up. I underestimated just how many I would need!

  • Take breastfeeding one day at a time. If you’re having a difficult day, tell yourself that tomorrow will be better. The first few weeks are the most tricky, but things will get easier. In the early days both you and your baby are learning about breastfeeding, and it can take a while for you both to get the hang of it. I’ve lost count of how many times I was on the verge of giving up. But I got help and I’m still going!

  • Always hold your baby close to you and look into their eyes when feeding. This helps your baby feel safe and loved.

  • Never try to rush feeding
    Your little one will LET you know when they’re full -express to SHARE

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