Keeping Clean with Messy Me Designs

Keeping Clean with Messy Me Designs

If there’s one thing that comes with babies it’s mess. Especially once weaning begins! Over the last few months we have been testing out a number of products designed to make messy meal times (and messy play times) a little easier to clean up! Two of those products are from Messy Me Designs. The first I want to tell you about is a must have for little one’s who are taking their first tastes of food, and that’s the Messy Me Tunic Bib.

Unlike your ‘conventional bib’, the Messy Tunic covers a larger area of your little one’s front providing ultimate protection for their clothes! Fastened at the back and worn more like a t-shirt than a regular bib, it combines extra coverage with comfort for littles. One of the biggest plus points for me is that, being made from oilcloth,  it’s wipe clean and for tougher stains or if the mess is just too much for a quick wipe you can still pop it in the wash on a 30º cycle. We’ve really put our Messy Tunic through its paces – it’s been subject to many a spaghetti bolognese splattering, a few helpings of rhubarb crumble &  covered in purple juice on the rare occasion that Florence has let a blueberry escape her clutches and I am really impressed with how durable it is and how well it has lasted.

At only £9.50 plus p+p,  the tunic bib is available in a number of gorgeous designs. We opted for the pink spot, but I also love the wild rose & the red star patterns too.

The other must have from their range is the Messy Me Designs Splash Mat. We have used ours to protect our carpets from spilled foods during meal times, as a picnic blanket on days out, as a Messy Play staple, a photo backdrop and a table cloth. Again, it’s made of oil cloth so completely wipe clean and washable and has saved our carpets from mess so many times, which is always helpful when you rent like we do.

I think it’s a real bargain at £24.00 considering how many things we have used it for! 

You can purchase both of these along with the rest of the Messy Me range on their website here.

*We were sent a Messy Me Tunic & Mat in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions in this are my own.

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