Florence’s First Shoes – We’re Dotty for Dotty Fish

Florence’s First Shoes – We’re Dotty for Dotty Fish

Choosing the first pair of shoes for Florence is a milestone I have been so excited about. We all have that photo of our first shoe shopping trip as a little one up against the Clarkes shop wall wearing our first ever shoes don’t we? I think my Mum still has my first pair of little hard soled patent black Mary Jane’s in which I took my first steps. Florence seemingly getting more and more confident on her feet as the days go by. She is an absolute whizz on her walker, zooming around like a woman on a mission and when she’s reached her destination, just lets go and stands alone to clap / eat / wave before zooming off again. She’s been ‘Spider-Man’ crawling around with her feet on the ground rather than her knees and she’s starting to attempt to stand up from sitting. Something tells me it is not going to be long before she is running around at speed! And so, of course, with my visions of summer now including a toddling toddler roaming free while out and about, it’s time she had her very own first pair of shoes. I have taken a different approach to choosing her first shoes than many and instead,  have opted for a beautiful pair of soft soled slip ons designed with what babies really need in mind when it comes to keeping their feet as healthy and can be, from Dotty Fish.

Dotty Fish Baby Shoes

Research from most recent years has turned the idea that hard & sturdy soled shoes are best for new walkers on it’s head, and instead suggest that it is more beneficial for baby’s to be barefoot for as much and as long as possible. Obviously, once these little ones of ours are on the move in full force, it’s not always practical to keep them barefoot 24/7, and so Dotty Fish have designed a range of beautiful soft soled baby shoes jam packed with all of the features to help keep little feet as healthy as possible.
Dotty Fish Baby Shoes 2

They’re available in a variety of colourful and adorable designs (we chose these gorgeous daisy ones!) that not only compliment any outfit but are eye catching for little ones. They are made from a breathable buttery soft leather with a super soft tan sole making them lightweight and flexible to help promote healthy and natural movement as well as an elasticated trim to stop them falling off – always a bonus! The wide front area and thin soles help little ones grip the floor in the same way they would when barefoot.

dotty fish baby shoes 4

We adore these little Dotty Fish shoes so much that I have since ordered another two pairs. They seem incredibly comfortable, are hard wearing (Florence has worn this pair every day since they arrived and they’re still in a beautiful condition) and at only £8.99 +p&p, I think they are an absolute bargain!


*We were sent a pair of Dotty Fish baby shoes in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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