Cuddledry Cuddleroar Towel Review

Cuddledry Cuddleroar Towel Review

Florence definitely takes after me in her love for bath time. She has always been a water baby and I’d go as far to say that it is probably her favourite time of day. The only thing we sometimes find tricky about bathtime is when it ends and so we have invested in some products which make this window of time as comfortable and stress free as possible for both us and Florence. One of the brands that help us do this is Cuddledry.

I’ve raved about Cuddledry before, praising the innovation of their Apron Towel and its ability to make those post newborn bath times stress free and full of cuddles and now  have sent us another of their iconic bathtime products – the Cuddleroar Toddler Towel.cuddleroar towel 4

With a super cute dinosaur design, the Cuddleroar towel is a vibrant green colour and has contrasting dark green ‘spikes’ along the spine and is complete with an integrated hood, which fastens at the chest, making it an adorable first introduction to dress up and imaginative play. While Florence is still quite young to understand this concept, she does make a very adorable dinosaur & even roars back when you do it to her.cuddleroar towel 2

cuddleroar towel 5Just like their Apron Towels, the Cuddleroar towel is made from a luxuriously soft & fluffy blend of bamboo fibre & cotton toweling which is extra absorbent to help  get your little one warm & dry quicker as well as being gentler on their sensitive skin. Unlike other baby & toddler towels we have, this unbelievable softness lasts wash after wash.cuddleroar towel 3

Its unquestionable quality is matched with the towel’s generous size which assures me that while typically more expensive than others you may find on the High Street (£34.99), it is brilliant value for money. All of their toddler towels are designed to last until your little one is 3 years old when they can move up to the next size and range of designs.cuddleroar towel 6

Speaking of designs, their toddler towels are available in an array of adorable characters so if dinosaurs aren’t really your thing (I think you’re crazy, but still…) you can choose from a cow, giraffe or deer which are all equally as sweet.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of the other products that make our lives with a seven month old easier, so keep your eyes peeled if you too have a baby on the move or who is weaning!

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