Bath time fun with Teddy & Friends by Hape

Bath time fun with Teddy & Friends by Hape

It’s safe to say Florence absolutely ADORES bath time! It is a key part of our daily routine and BOY do we pay for it if for whatever reason we skip it. Like me, a warm bubbly bath seems to completely relax her and get her ready to wind down for bedtime. Of course. no bath time would be complete without some gentle play and I always have at least two or three toys to hand, including our Hot Air Balloon mobile which hangs above her, when it comes to bath time. We’ve recently introduced a new set of squirty toys to bath time and so far they’re a definite hit with Florence!

The Teddy & Friends Squirter set from Hape has four friendly characters – two teddy bears complete with rubber rings, a blue whale & a rubber duck along with a white cloud setting the scene for a day at the beach.

Bath Time Fun Hape Bath Toys

They are  bright and colourful making them eye catching for baby enhancing the sensory experience of bath play. We especially love the bright blue whale!

Hape Bath Toys 2

Hape Bath Toys 5

Each toy has a little squirty hole which you can suck water in with and squirt water out of. Florence likes to watch water fall so we hold them up high and squeeze it out for her to see. I also use them to wash the bubbles off of her tummy which she finds very funny!  Hape Bath Toys 1

Seemingly made from a stronger plastic than other bath toys we own, they are quite difficult to squeeze, especially for little hands, something that may get easier with use.Hape Bath Toys 3

These little characters will also come in handy for other types of play as well as bath time fun. I am looking forward to using them in our Sensory play sessions in weeks to come & we’ve already used the cloud in our rainbow play – Florence loves it when I squeeze it and the cold air blows out onto her toes!

This set would make a really lovely gift for a new baby or a first birthday and is available at Amazon for £9.99.

Bath Time Play pin

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