BabyBjorn One Baby Carrier Review

BabyBjorn One Baby Carrier Review

Before I had Florence, I never really saw myself as a baby wearer. If I am honest, it scared me a little. I was terrified of the idea that I might fall while wearing her or that somehow she would fall out. That was until I went to the Baby Show and was amazed by the sheer variety of carriers and slings there were available and, after a very very detailed demonstration by one of the stands, I purchased my first carrier.I have worn Florence almost every day since she was one month old and it’s safe to say I am a baby wearing convert! I love the way baby wearing gives you that feeling of closeness with your baby, and how it offers you the opportunity to continue this closeness past the newborn stage when they’re still as light as a feather!  So much so, I am now the proud owner of two carriers and one sling and most recently I have been using the BabyBjorn One to carry Florence when we are out and about.


The BabyBjorn One is a carrier designed to last. Suitable from newborn right through to three years, it has a fully adjustable size and seat width for ultimate comfort for both parent & baby as they grow.

Once I’d finally got my head around the zip adjustment on the inside (it’s really nothing difficult, I was too in a rush to get it on so didn’t read the instructions and tried to put my 9 month old into the newborn section!), it is super easy to fit and adjust so that you’re both comfortable. You simply fasten the waist band with the buckle making sure it’s nice and snug and then pull your arms through the straps so that the mesh section is up against your tummy. Pick up baby and place her into position (front or rear facing), pull the front up and click together the four clips. It is as easy as thatIMG_8033BabyBjorn One Carrier Clips

You can use the BabyBjorn One carrier in four positions – on your front at two heights, front or rear facing and on your back. So far we have used the two front positions because Florence is not yet 12 months old, but she happily sits in both the front and rear facing position and seems perfectly comfortable and content. She loves waving to people as we wander around the shops or walk the dog and when she’s tired I just turn her around so she can snuggle up and snooze on my chest.

This carrier is incredibly light weight and the shoulder straps are really padded which are both fab features when it comes to carrying a little person. I often struggle with back pain which is sometimes exacerbated by baby wearing, but since moving to the BabyBjorn One, I can comfortably carry Florence for much longer / further.IMG_7848

Other fab features of the BabyBjorn One carrier include adjustable leg positioners, adjustable head support, one size fits all, it’s made from beautifully soft fabric, is hip friendly and of course, it can be rolled up for storage and the pink & grey colour way (other colours are available) is a massive swing in its favour too. As somebody who wears a lot of pinks and greys myself, I love how it can compliment my own outfits without looking too out of place. It’s just like an extra accessory!

Priced at £139 and compared with the other carrier we have at the same price point, this is well worth the money. We use it daily both at home and while out and myself, Sean & my sister have all carried Florence confidently using the BabyBjorn One. If you’re looking for a baby carrier, I’d happily recommend this one to any new or seasoned parent who are intrigued by baby wearing.

I am going to be sharing our thoughts on all of our baby wearing must haves throughout the Spring, so keep your eyes peeled for some reviews, comparisons & demonstration videos too!

*We were sent a BabyBjorn One Carrier in return for a full and honest review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own and my recommendations are based purely on our experience with this product.

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