Autumn Baby Play

Autumn Baby Play

With Autumn in fall swing, we have bought the colours & textures of my favourite season inside for some Autumn baby play, making use of some of our most loved toys too! Just like our garden play last month, this weeks play theme has been centered around our make shift play gym (Our Shnuggle Stand!), taking advantage of the ability to customise this however we want to according to the day.

I tied red, orange & yellow sensory scarves along the back of the stand to create a bright & colourful backdrop for our play this week. As well as injecting colour, they were just the right length for Florence to grab and scrunch in her hands. I also used them to stroke her face & tickle her feet with!

Autumn Play 2

I also hung a Mama & Belle teething necklace from the other side of the stand — I love adding things like this to our play. Florence spent ages batting it backwards and forwards as well as exploring it with her hands while laying down. When sitting up in her Bumbo, this is the perfect height for her to reach for and chew upon to soothe those pesky teeth.

Autumn Play 3

Along with her beloved Skip Hop Bandana Buddy Fox  who is packed full of awesome sensory features, we have some other toys from the Skip Hop range which were perfect for our Autumn Baby Play. I ordered this Skip Hop Explore and More Egg Shaker Trio Set* back in September and the three characters included are just adorable. There’s a fox, a hedgehog & an owl and each of them make a different rattly sound and  have different patterns & textures on their bellies.  They’re the perfect size for little hands.  Florence likes to pick them up and shake them and pass them from one hand to the other.  They will be perfect for small world play when Florence is that bit older. Autumn Baby Play 2

The other Skip Hop addition to our Autumn Play was the Explore and More Roll Around Rattle which we’ve been sent by our friends over at Jo Jo Maman Bebe. I won’t go too much into detail about him now because I’m writig a full review soon, but he is proving to be one of Flo’s favourite ever toys.Autumn Baby Play 3

We also played with some of nature’s treasures – conkers & pine cones. Florence is puttig EVERYTHING in her mouth just lately, so before play began I boiled the kettle and left them to soak to get rid of any nasties. As the conkers were quite small, I poked them through the holes in the Skip Hop hedgehog’s tummy so that she could still feel them and see them without being able to attempt to eat them!IMG_4140 IMG_4325

We’ll be adding some extra elements to our Autumn Baby Play over the next week as we move on to some Hallowe’en &  firework night inspired activities.

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