8 Reasons we LOVE our Shnuggle Baby Bath (and why we think every new baby should have one!)

8 Reasons we LOVE our Shnuggle Baby Bath (and why we think every new baby should have one!)

As a busy Mum I am always so thankful when I discover a product that makes the every day tasks we face as easy as possible so that I can make the most of my time with my baby. Our Shnuggle baby bath is one of them. It is something we have used every single day since Florence was just three days old and it has made bath time in our house such a wonderful and relaxing part of our day. Now that Florence has become quite a passionate splasher and pull herself to standing it is sadly time to pack up our trusty Shnuggle ready for our next baby and graduate to the big bath, however I couldn’t do that without sharing all of the reasons we have come to love this baby must have.

Mama can go hands free

The biggest selling point, and the thing that sets the Shnuggle Baby Bath out from the rest is that it’s clever design allows you to bathe your baby with your hands free to wash and play. It has a ‘Bum Bump’ which is basically a ridge in the base which stops your little one slipping under the water. Genius I say!  shnuggle bath baby must haves

It can go wherever you go

I love the portability (is that even a word?) of our Shnuggle baby bath. We’ve used it in practically every room in our house bar our bedroom and it’s so easy to move from room to room without a fuss. To start with, we always did bath time upstairs in Florence’s nursery but when we changed the furniture around it became more practical to bring it downstairs and bathe her in the living room. Plus it meant that we could play In the Night Garden on the television in the background and she would be nice and chilled out ready for bedtime. We’ve also used it in the Kitchen sink (yep it fits!) and in the garden on really hot days back in the summer to keep her cool. We have taken our Shnuggle baby bath on holiday, to both our parents’ houses and if we ever went anywhere else around bath time we probably would have taken it with us there too. I think my favourite place though, was in front of the fire at the cottage we stayed in in Cornwall. What better place for a bubble bath? IMG_4671

shnuggle bath baby must haves 2

Safety is at the forefront of the design

Like any parent, safety is always at the front of my mind when it comes to Florence and you can definitely tell that the founders of the Shnuggle bath are parents themselves. I am lucky enough to have met both Adam & Sinead who are the brains behind the brand and their passion for the safe and practical design just shines through. I have already mentioned the bum bump which stops baby slipping under, but the bath is packed with features that ensure that all the potential worries are dealt with from the moment you turn the tap on. The foam back rest offers additional frictional support, stopping baby slipping from side to side as well as keeping her cosy & warm and also has a ‘Max Fill’ line to show you where to fill it to so that the water does not become too deep. It’s got rubber feet to ensure that it is safe and secure on almost any surface and is perfectly designed not to tip over when baby leans back. Literally the only thing I can think of that would improve the safety features of this bath is a built in thermometer, but honestly that’s such a small thing and you can buy one separately as we did  for not much money. I think Shnuggle actually sell their own.
shnuggle bath baby must haves 4

It is more than just a bath!

In the absense of a bouncy chair (we just don’t have the room for one!) we were a little stuck for a place to sit Florence so that she could play without being completely laid down. That is until I had a brainwave and decided to put her in the Shnuggle bath with a bunch of toys to discover. Oh my goodness, this revelation was a real game changer and it became the go to place to pop Florence down while I got on with what ever I needed to do close by. She sat and played in it while I had a bath, while I prepared dinner (up on the side next to me!), in the garden while I hung the washing out… the list goes on and because of its raised sides, the toys couldn’t escape either. We’ve even fed her in it a couple of times. So yes, it might be called a bath, but to us it has been so much more and opened up so many different opportunities to play than we would have had without it.  shnuggle bath baby must haves 5


Bath time is a time to bond

The upright position of the bath combined with the way that it takes all of the stress away from bath time means that you can both relax without rushing and enjoy the opportunity to bond. Because she has been able to sit up, we’ve been able to chat and sing to her and as she has grown it has been so lovely to watch her start to interact with us back and Florence’s first real smiles even happened during bath time. shnuggle bath baby must haves 6


It lasts longer than just a few weeks

The Shnuggle bath is designed to last your baby through her first year, offering support for reclining newborns and a secure place to bathe when baby is able to sit up themselves. It’s not going to be one of those baby purchases you buy that only gets used a handful of times and then sits in the corner gatehring dust waiting for you to put it up on eBay. It’s built to last way longer than 1 year too, in my opinion. shnuggle bath baby must haves 8

It is easy on the eye

I know this might seem a strange thing to say, but so many baby products are so garish and in your face. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the aesthetics of the Shnuggle bath as it not only serves as a fabulous parenting hack, it’s sleek design fits seamlessly into any bathroom while not in use.  It has a bit of a luxury feel about it too, with its cute little roll top detail. shnuggle baby bath must haves 3

Bathtime can be play time from an early age

Unlike other ‘flat’ baby baths on the market, the Shnuggle offers a chance for bath time to become a time for gentle water play from that very first bath. The reclined position is perfect for watching water fall from a squeezed sponge or for reaching out and grabbing bath toys once that grasping technique is perfected. As a lover of baby play and soeone who is constantly seeking out different ways to engage and play with Florence, this is a big part of why I am so keen to shout about it! Hape Bath Toys 4

I think you can probably tell that I would recommend the Shnuggle Baby Bath to all new parents or parents to be. I really do think it should be on the top of everyone’s baby buy list! You can buy it here on the Shnuggle website and their delivery has always been fantastic too.

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