To push or not to push? (writing my birth plan)

To push or not to push? (writing my birth plan)

So, with D Day being a mere 3 weeks away and after last weeks scare, it’s time to really sit down and think about my Birth Plan. I think I’ve said before that as well as we can plan things, at the end of the day, my overall plan is to get the baby out safely but the planner in me and the medical professionals around me are pushing on for a written plan and so here I am, hospital bags and pen in hand scribbling away in the back of my maternity notes.

Where will I give birth?

My answer to this has been the same from day one, despite my midwife’s many protests – the maternity ward at Pembury hospital.

Who will be my birthing partner?

In an ideal scenario, it will be just Sean & I throughout my labour. My mum will be on hand to take over if the need should arise for whatever reason, but at the end when the baby actually comes, we’d like it to just be us two.

What type of birth would I like?

Keeping as active as possible throughout my labour is really important to me, so I hope not to have to be attached to a monitor for too much of it.  Ideally, I’d love to birth or at least spend the end of my labour in a birthing pool. The idea of a water birth has appealed to me from the start probably because my go to place when I’m stressed or in pain is always the bath, and I think I would feel more relaxed in the water than out. However, if a water birth is not possible for what ever reason, I would like to remain upright and want to avoid laying on my back as much as I can.

To push or not to push?

You might have see this article floating around  on social media over the last couple of weeks about a hospital local to us promoting a new way to give birth – without pushing! According to their research, they have found that women who do not push during labour suffer less birth related injury. Honestly, I am going to go with what my midwife tells me on the day when it comes to this, but it is an interesting thing to consider.

What will happen after birth?

Providing that baby is okay upon her arrival in the world, I’d like her to be placed on my chest to have immediate skin to skin contact with her. If for any reason I am not well enough, I’d like Sean to be on hand to have this initial contact. Once all of the necessary checks are done on us both, I would like for Sean & I to have some time alone with her before any visitors are invited in. I do not think I will be in any great rush to leave the hospital once she has arrived so I would like to have the option to stay in for a night or two should I want it.

*Image taken from my Maternity Photo Shoot courtesy of Alison Lewis Photography.

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