28 Weeks Pregnant

28 Weeks Pregnant

We made it! We made it to week 29 and the beginning of the third trimester, all in one piece and feeling pretty positive after a fairly productive fortnight.  As I am sitting here typing, baby is kicking away and my tummy is morphing into all sorts of shapes as she gets started on her evening disco routine.  It really is the best feeling.

Our 27th week saw my nesting instinct kick in in full force and while we weren’t quite ready to start on the nursery or make too many changes indoors, I seemed to develop green fingers! Granted my love for gardening was slightly short lived… and I didn’t actually go outside (it was raining and that’s what conservatories were made for right?), but I did fill a few pots with soil and some plants from Wilko. I also put together the Shnuggle stand & got her moses basket ready to move into our room closer to my due date.

I had my first physiotherapy session and it turns out that the back problems I have been having over the last month or so are not related to SPD, but to a number of other factors, including my operation last June which have just been aggravated by the extra weight I am carrying now I am pregnant.  Phil at BAKs Osteopathy was brilliant and worked to relieve tension in my lower back, buttocks and my right shoulder. We have scheduled a couple more sessions to try and keep me as comfortable as possible as we approach the end of this pregnancy and make sure I’m in tip top condition when it comes to birth.

Morning sickness made a return last Saturday and with it came reflux. I have to say though, I would take morning sickness over the vomiting you get with a bug like Norovirus any day. I’ve been managing the reflux by avoiding citrus & fizzy drinks and just making sure I am having smaller portions – not difficult now that my appetite appears to have gone out of the window! The only other ‘symptom’I have really had this fortnight is being super hormonal! I honestly cry at the stupidest things and the next minute fall about laughing. Complete emotional rollercoaster.

Aside from that, this last fortnight has all been leading up to this weekend just gone. I booked this weekend off of work before Christmas with every intention of heading for a baby moon for mine & Sean’s anniversary incorporating a few days at The Baby Show, but as time went on the plans changed a little. I did manage a trip to the show on Friday with my friend Jennie and met some truly fantastic brands and discovered some awesome products for baby & I.

The Gro Company gave us a demonstration & some top tips for swaddling your baby as well as showcasing some of their other Safe Sleep products. I’ve definitely got my eye on a GroSnug & we’ll be investing in a few grobags too.28 weeks pregnant baby show gro company swaddling


It was great to catch up with the lovely Charlotte from Poddle Pod UK. A Poddle Pod was always one of the top ten products I’d recommend to parents when Beebies was open & she very kindly gave us one to review when baby arrives. We’ve opted for the Enchanted cover in beautiful pinks & greys to match her nursery & I think we’ll probably order the stardust case too. 17016899_1574067099288385_7187044348140376615_o

We paid a visit to Magnet Mouse to check out their range of gorgeous baby clothing range. There was not a popper or zip in sight! ALl of their clothing is fastened by concealed magnets meaning super quick and easy changing of little wrigglers. How cute is this little pink mousey design? 28 weeks pregnant baby show magnet mouse

One of the absolute highlights of our day at The Baby Show was meeting Ali from Dinky Dragon. A Baby Carrier was one of the things on my Baby Show shopping list and I’d tweeted Dinky Dragon a few times in the lead up to Friday. Ali gave us a full demonstration of each of the different options they had on offer, talking through our individual needs as Mums to be. Obviously, this is my first baby and I’ve never used a carrier before where as Jennie is a baby wearing pro, so it was so lovely for Ali to talk us both through the best products which would suit our needs. I didn’t buy straight away, but by the time the end of our day came, I couldn’t leave without picking one up and so I opted for the I-angel Miracle carrier and I am so glad I did! We’ll be sure to show you a little more about this product when baby arrives as I think it’ll probably be one of our most used products, but in the mean time they have a fab video tutorial here.28 weeks pregnant baby show Dinky Dragon

I also picked up some adorable bibs & muslins from Zippy. They ran a fab offer of 6 bibs for £10 and had such a huge range of patterns and designs to choose from but after much umming and aahhing, I chose these ones. How cute are those daisies!? The Zippy team were so lovely to chat to and talked me through the rest of their product range taking the time out of their busy stand to answer any questions we had.17161043_10155108196097990_1800975527_n

I also found my perfect pushchair at the Show, the Mamas & Papas Ocarro, but sadly the lead time for it takes us past my due date :(. It really is a beautiful travel system though, so if anyone who is due around June / July time and looking for one, I totally recommend you check this one out! Fear not though, we have found an alternative thanks to the John Lewis team at Bluewater and we’re opting for the Joolz Earth Day 2.

The nesting continued into week 28, and we’ve been busy getting things indoors ready for baby. As I mentioned above, the Shnuggle stand is built and the moses basket is ready to be moved into our room closer to my due date and yesterday we started to decorate the nursery with a little help from Uncle Dean & Aunty Tasha. We’ve opted for a sky theme with all things clouds, stars and hot air balloons and have chosen Valspar paints in Raindrops on Roses & Diamon Dust. You’ll have to stay tuned to see the completed room, but if you’re following me on instagram, I am sure there will be a few nursery updates over there throughout the next few weeks.17156029_1575640912464337_1110775392460205135_n

As for Bump & Baby it’s been another fortnight filled with important development and baby is now the size of an aubergine. She is now perfectly formed and her heartbeat should be able to be heard through a stethoscope and her eyesight is improving by the day. At 2.5lbs, the next 12 weeks will be all about gaining weight for baby and no doubt me too as we make our way through the third and final trimester.  28 weeks pregnant 28 weeks pregnant 2

As bump gets bigger I’m slowly outgrowing my initial maternity clothing, so I’ve invested in a couple new outfits from H&M and New Look to see me through Spring. 17098364_1573766382651790_4520397722523668144_n

Last Tuesday was a bit of a milestone for me – my colleague & Bump Buddy started her maternity leave and for a couple of days it left me a bit panicked that I didn’t have everything ready! I had lists coming out of my ears! I’ve since calmed and laughed at the whole meltdown but it was a bit of a wake up call to how quickly this next part will go.

Until now, I’ve given thinking about the whole birth thing a widebirth with a general thought process of ‘well, she needs to come out one way or another’ but as the due date gets closer, I guess I should really start to consider my options when it comes to baby’s exit from my womb. I’m also starting to buy the last things for my hospital bag ready to pack it at the 30 week mark.

I think that’s all from Bump and I this week as far as an update is concerned. We’ve a busy week of appointments and work ahead so I’ll be sure to catch you all up soon.

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9 thoughts on “28 Weeks Pregnant”

  • Funnily enough I am just writing a post on my 10 favourite products from the Baby Show – I was there on Saturday. The I-Angel, Magnet Mouse and Zippy bibs are all there! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you x #MaternityMondays

    • Are you? Please do send me a link once you’ve published — there was so so much to see at the show, I fear I missed some things! The I-Angel is by far my favourite baby product that I’ve purchased so far! Hopefully we get to meet soon x

  • Aaw, sorry to hear you’ve been suffering with your back. Your ostepath is likely to now become your new best friend! Mine is! ;-) Don’t worry too much about all those lists, you have lots of time for the final preparations – enjoy them and remember to rest up too xx

  • Aww we’re really close – I’m currently 27 1/2 weeks pregnant :) It’s so exciting all the preparations you’re doing (making me feel very disorganised). It’s the washing of the teeny tiny baby clothes that I can’t wait for :) #MaternityMondays

    Helen x

    • I know, so close. :) Oh nor can I! I’m holding off on doing it until I start maternity leave. I feel SO disorganised still. xx

    • It really is. People keep saying how the next 12 weeks will fly by. We are so excited to meet her.
      Ah thank you – this pregnancy has been strangely linked to my Nan who passed away in 2000, all of the dates have linked to her in some way and The Sound of Music was her favourite film of all time, so when I saw the paint shade was called ‘Raindrops on Roses’ I just had to have it. Hope you’re doing okay as you near the end of your pregnancy! I will be looking out for news x

  • I love seeing new and innovative baby products though now my baby is 7 months old, I’m starting to grow out of the newborn-buying stage and there’s so many brilliant products coming out! Fab post and happy third trimester! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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