The Glucose Tolerance Test – Have I Got Gestational Diabetes?

The Glucose Tolerance Test – Have I Got Gestational Diabetes?

I spent my morning at the hospital today for a variety of pregnancy related tests & injections. One of the things they were testing for was Gestational Diabetes and I thought having been given very little information in the lead up about what to expect from the glucose tolerance test I might share my experience here on the blog for anyone else who might be about to have the glucose test themselves.

So, to start with you have to fast from the night before. I was instructed to stop eating and drinking anything other than water from 8pm last night in preparation for my appointment this morning. I actually ended up fasting for much longer as we were struck by the dreaded sickness bug yesterday and there was no way any food was going to stay in anyway. However by morning I was absolutely starving.

I was called by the nurse who took my details before taking the first round of bloods. Because I was having additional tests today too, she took six vials of blood but from what she was saying, only one of them at this stage was for the glucose tolerance test. She actually managed to get blood from the first vein she tried too which NEVER happens in my case so this part was all pretty straight forward. Once everything was labelled up she handed me a little cup filled with bright yellow liquid to drink. Basically, it’s a super sugary solution which you have to drink to see how it reacts with your body. She was desperately trying to convince me that it really wouldn’t taste as bad as it looked but after the first mouthful I was already struggling a bit. The only way I can describe it is to say it tastes like those fizzy peach sweets you get, but in a gloopy liquidised form with about ten extra spoonfulls of sugar added. It took me a few minutes to finish as the consistency was just so thick, but once I’d finished she told me to head back to the waiting room and that she’d call me in exactly two hours to take further bloods which would indicate whether my body has reacted well or not to the liquid.

I;d been warned that the two hour wait would be a long and boring one, so armed myself with an actual book and the iPad so I could get some work done. By the time an hour had passed, I was starting to flag and so were all the other Mum to be’s who were also waiting to be able to eat and drink something other than luminous gloop. I was quite relieved when they called me back in to finalise the glucose test, though the nurse found it a lot harder to draw blood this time so I was in there for quite a while.

Once this last bit and the other injections etc I needed to have for the other tests were done though, I was finally allowed to eat and go home. Overall, the test wasn’t too bad and certainly nothing to build myself up over I get the results tomorrow so fingers crossed there’s no sign of diabetes but we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

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