The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Today marks the beginning of two weeks annual leave from work that lead to the official start of my maternity leave. It also means that we are only one month away from our due date! I feel like it has taken both a life time and next to no time at all to get to this point and I can’t help but feel a whole mix of emotions as we approach the final weeks of our pregnancy journey.

I think the most prominent feeling at the moment is one of utter relief. I’ve found this last month both physically and mentally exhausting and the very thought that, at least until the baby arrives, I won’t be forced to get up when that alarm goes off in the morning is something I am so happy about. Even if I don’t sleep in, the chance to just ‘be’ at home without having anywhere I desperately need to be is such a lovely feeling and as I walked out of those doors at 2pm today I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Along with relief, the commencement of the final countdown brings a whole array of emotions. I go from feeling so so nervous, to unbelievably excited, from wondering how the bloody hell we will cope to just wanting her here right now. It’s going to be a funny old month!

We pretty much have everything we need for the baby now, the hospital bags are packed, the clothes are washed and put away and I’m looking forward to making the most of our final days of being Parents to be. Over the next four weeks I have some lovely chilled out days planned, as well as a trip to London to see Alladin for Sean’s birthday. I also have a bit of a to – do list of things I need / want to do in the lead up to her arrival. I’ve a feeling some serious nesting is about to go down!

So here we are little girly, we made it to the final stretch. There were moments back there when I wondered if we’d even get past the first trimester, let alone reach this point. In just one weeks time we will be considered ‘full term’ and two of your future friends will already be here- that really brings it home that you could come at any time. Something tells me you’re probably going to keep us waiting right ’til the very last minute though… I wonder if you’ll even be a June Baby!

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