Our ‘Before the Baby Arrives’ To – Do List

Our ‘Before the Baby Arrives’ To – Do List

We have just under 14 weeks until baby is due, and while when you say it like that it still seems forever away, I am told often how quickly this time will fly. I think up until now, we have done a pretty good job of preparing for her arrival. I’ve done the cliche first time Mum thing of buying & reading through ALL the baby books. She has somewhere to sleep, a wardrobe filled with clothes and since we hit around 16/20 weeks I have slowly been stocking up on the basic essentials – bottles, nappies, steriliser, toiletries…. the list goes on/

Despite this, there is still so much we need to buy and want to do before her arrival and so here’s our ‘Before the Baby Arrives’ To – Do List.

D E C I D E  O N  A  N A M E | Or at least choose a couple that we like and stick to them! It’s fair to say deciding and agreeing on a name for this little monkey is proving a lot more difficult than we first imagined. Most of the names on our list have gone out of the window since I wrote it and a few more have been added. She may well end up being ‘Baby No Name’ if we don’t buck our ideas up!

D E C O R A T E  &  O R G A N I S E  T H E   N U R S E R Y  | I’ve had big plans for her nursery since the day I found out I was pregnant. We had moved into our little house five days beforehand and I was already picturing exactly how I wanted it to be for our baby. It’ll be pink & white with fluffy clouds and rainbows and hot air balloons. I’m a little bit in love with the stars, clouds and moon decorations in the Sass & Belle Skandi Kids range, so I fear my bank balance might be a little less… balanced… by the time I’ve finished buying them all!

C H O O S E  &  B U Y  A   P U S H C H A I R | Much like our troubles with deciding on a name for this wriggly one, we have been back & forth on which travel system we are going to buy so many times they’ve all rolled into one a little. I’ve had my heart set on the Britax B-Ready from the get go after reading so much about it online – I like how versatile it is and how it can adapt to make room for more children as time goes on. However we are yet to actually find a stockist local to us where we would be able to properly try it out and with travel systems & pushchairs being such big ticket items, we aren’t prepared to order online without physically seeing it first. We have also looked at the Silvercross Wayfarer, the Cossatto Wow & Ooba and the iCandy Orange. We’re heading to the Baby Show in March in the hope that we will be able to try them all out one after the other and finally make a decision!

P A C K  O U R  H O S P I T A L  B A G S | I’m not planning on doing this until around 30 weeks, but saying that, we only have just under three weeks until that point! I’ve been reading up on ‘What’s in my Hospital Bag’ posts and watching YouTube Videos so that I make sure I don’t miss anything as well as taking advantage of the baby events going on in Boots, Asda & Mothercare to stock up on essentials for less. I will do another post on what we’ll be packing once they’re ready, but I’ve made a pinterest board of some of the things I’d like to take with us.

G O  TO  A N T E N A T A L  C L A S S E S | It’s the thing they all do in the movies right? Sit in a circle, bouncing on big inflatable balls learning how to ‘breathe through the pain’ while well meaning and terrified partners sit or stand behind them awkwardly spurring them on. Well, I’m sure it’s more than that but if you’ve seen Bridget Jones Baby recently you’ll understand why that’s what runs through most peoples minds when you say antenatal class. In all seriousness though, any tips or advice I can get on how to push this little one out without making a right pigs ear of it would be grand and so at my next midwife appointment I will be asking her advice on the best ones to sign up to.

P R E – W A S H  T H E  B A B Y  C L O T H E S | I mentioned her bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe above (a girl can NEVER have too many clothes right?) and it’s made up of a selection of brand new and second hand loveliness that I cannot wait to dress her in. But before she arrives, it must all be washed and organised properly and so I feel the start of my maternity leave will likely involve living life according to washing machine cycles! Hopefully the weather brightens up a little by then and I can air dry most of it out on the line.

W R I T E  A  B I R T H  P L A N | Ha! The illusive birth plan. So far my only thought on this topic is ‘get the baby out’, but despite my best efforts my midwife just did not seem impressed by this notion and so off I’ve been sent to think about my options and how I’d like this little one’s arrival to play out. I do know I’d like to be in hospital rather than at our local maternity unit when I have her – they’re around a 25 minute drive apart and I’d just rather that there were doctors close by in case they were needed without the added complication of being rushed in an ambulance from one to the other if anything were to go pear shaped. I also quite like the idea of a water birth – if ever I am stressed or in pain, my first instinct is to run a bath and so this prospect is quite appealing, but it all depends on whether there is a pool available at the time and whether our little drama baby is playing by the rules when it comes to her departure from my womb so I don’t want to get my heart set on it.

G O  A W A Y  F O R  T H E  W E E K E N D | Before this little one comes along, Sean and I would really like to get away for a few days as a couple. We’re not sure where yet, and we don’t have an awful lot of money to spare for a getaway but it’d be nice for us to soak up some quality time together before our lives change forever! If you’ve any suggestions for Baby Moon destinations in the UK that don’t break the bank, please pop them in the comments below!

D E C O R A T E  O U R  B E D R O O M | Now that we’ve had confirmation that our landlord is happy for us to stay and extended our contract to long term we’d like to put more of a stamp on our home to make it feel more like ours and our bedroom is the first room on the list after the nursery. As it stands, our bedroom is my least favourite room in the house thanks to the previous tenants poor attempts at painting over dark brown walls with a single coat of watered down magnolia paint. I feel I’d be doing you an injustice if I didn’t mention the half brown matte, half white gloss doors & door frames too! Can you picture it yet? Yep, it’s beautiful. Hmm. So anyway, I have been gathering some ideas on pinterest for how we’ll be decorating on an almost non existent budget in order for us to feel a little better about spending time in there and make it a nice environment for baby to be in for her first six months of sleep.

M A K E  A  S P A C E  J U S T  F O R  A L F I E  | One of my main concerns right now is how Alfie (our dog) will react to the baby’s arrival and how well he will cope with another person not only taking up his Mama’s time but also his space in his home. While I hope that they will become the best of friends, her nursery will be a ‘Alfie Free Zone’ and we are going to have a baby gate on the living room door so that she can play safely without any interruption from our four legged friend if I am busy in another room. I’m more than aware though, that as much as baby needs her own space, Alfie will likely feel the need to escape her cries and clutches at times too and so the conservatory will become his place to go and chill out away from the madness! We’re making him a little den filled with his bed, toys & treats that he can come and go to as he wishes with easy access to the garden if he needs it and I’m trapped under a sleeping/feeding baby.

P L A N  A  C O O L  B I R T H  A N N O U N C E M E N T | I loved putting together our pregnancy announcements. We told our families and close friends all differently and then the rest of the world with our online announcement here and it’d be lovely to formerly announce her arrival into the world similarly. I’d really like to physically send friends & family something in the post and maybe combine it with a ‘thank you’ message for any gifts we receive at my baby shower and in the lead up to her birth. Hmm… I shall get my thinking cap on.

S P E N D  T I M E  W I T H  G I R L F R IE N D S | Let’s face it, a LOT of my time is going to be taken up by baby when she arrives and even though I plan to get out and about each day to meet friends and stay as sociable as I can, I’d like to plan a few things with my friends before she comes that might not be so easy to do when she’s here.

Did / do you have a list of things you want or need to do before the arrival of your little one?

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  • Ooooo what a great list. Have a checklist for your pram too-I made so many pram mistakes with my first 2. We still haven’t got a name and I haven’t even bothered pre-washing the clothed. Oops. So exciting it is getting closer eeekk #MaternityMondays

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