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As a little girl, I loved to play ‘babies’. You’d often find me and my best friend from across the road strutting around our cul-de-sac pushing Baby Born in her buggy with an abundance of fake nappies & plastic food stuffed into a Spice Girls handbag pretending to be ‘Mum friends’ meeting for a play date. As fate would have it, that same childhood friend announced her own first pregnancy around the time that I announced mine and while she’ll likely be having her little boy early, we have the same estimated due date. I find it so strange that history will repeat itself in months to come, except this time we will have real life babies and a little less plastic food stuffed in our not-so-Spice-Girl changing bags. Back then we always gave our dollies names.  Granted, Geri & Emma were favourites but we’d have never ending lists of names in our little imaginations and often their names would change several times in the same game. We were never short of inspiration. So why on earth, now that there’s an actual real life baby growing in my tummy, am I struggling to decide what to call her!? Naming a baby

Well… partly because it’s not only my decision to make. Naming a baby seems like an easy task before you actually have to find one that both you and your partner like equally. And partly because suddenly it all feels like such a HUGE responsibility! This person will have the name you call her forever, from baby to elder and it has to be right.

One thing we do know is that we want her to have a classic name, one that doesn’t need to be spelled out each time she declares it (That’s what comes from having parents called Ami & Sean!) and one that will grow with her. While we probably won’t make our final decision until we’ve met her, here are the contenders we have so far…

P E N E L O P E  G R A C E | This was the name we chose right at the beginning of my pregnancy, before we knew we were having a girl. I adore the shortened version, Penny, and Grace our previous second runner, seems to go with it so well. While the meaning of the name – Duck –  isn’t exactly awe inspiring, to me, she has been Penny from the beginning, but after our 20 week scan Sean declared he wasn’t so sure any more… I have 15 weeks to talk him around…

J E S S I C A  A N N  | Currently at the top of Sean’s list and as lovely as it is, Jessica is the name of the friend I mentioned above AND until she married she shared the same surname as Sean and therefore baby…. for me that’s just a bit too familiar!

E M I L Y /  E M M A  G R A C E | Sean likes Emily, I like Emma, so here I think we’d have to come to a compromise. Either way, ,her middle name would probably be Grace and both are quite hard to shorten, with the exception of Em(!). The only downfall is I know two girls with either name and don’t like either of them!

C A T H E R I N E  E L I Z A B E T H | Classic and pretty, Catherine Elizabeth also has a bit of a regal tone to it! I really love the name Catherine and how adaptable it is – in its original state Catherine is quite a strong and grown up name but she could be known as Katy and grow into Kate if we decided to shorten it. I also really love the nick name ‘Kitty’, like Kitty McAlister in ‘Brothers & Sisters’. She’s a bit of a power house which is exactly how I imagine this little one will be.

H E L E N A  G R A C E | An alternative to Eleanor, Helena has been thrown into the hat more often than I can count. It means “Shining Light” and is the name of one of my best girl friends. For some, this would be a real turn off, but actually I quite like it. Needless to say, my friend, commonly known as Hele, is currently building a campaign in favour of this option!

P O L L Y  A N N | I think this is probably running in close second in my list of names, but for Sean it’s right there at the bottom. Each time I bring it up he sings this annoying Polly Pocket song which only listeners of Radio One about 10 years ago would even recognise. I didn’t realise before starting this post that Polly means ‘Wished for child’ which I think is just perfect, but unfortunately I think I’ve lost the battle on this one.

I R I S  E L I Z A B E T H  | Meaning rainbow, this more traditional name made it onto the list inspired by Kate Winslet’s character in one of my favourite films – the Holiday. It’s such a cute little name and will go so well with any of our middlde name options. Unfortunately Sean doesn’t agree and so I fear I’m going to have to admit defeat and accept that Iris probably isn’t going to make the cut.

F L O R E N C E  G R A C E  | Though it’s getting increasingly popular, I’ve been a big fan of the name Florence for so long and it’s just one of those names that is cute for a baby and classy for an adult so it absolutely has to be a contender! I’ve a feeling this one might make it’s way up the list as time goes on.

L I Z Z I E | I’m not really a fan of the name Elizabeth for a first name, or in fact many of it’s shortenings, but as it’s a family name I can’t really rub it off the list just yet. Out of all of them, Lizzie is actually kind of cool and not very popular.

C O N N I E | Short for Constance, Connie is another name that I LOVE & Sean HATES. Apparently anyone who has seen Ali G would understand why… I’m rolling my eyes!

Q U I N N | Traditionally a boys name, both of us actually quite like the name Quinn for our little girl. We were hard core One Tree Hill fans in our teenage years, and while ‘Brooke’ or ‘Peyton’ don’t really do it for us, Quinn is pretty high up there on the list.

While there are eleven names here, we are not in 100% agreement on any of them. If you’ve any suggestions or have any tips on how you chose what to call your little one please pop them below!

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