It’s A… 20 Week Scan & GENDER REVEAL!

It’s A… 20 Week Scan & GENDER REVEAL!

Yesterday, January 10th, was the day we had been counting down to for a long eight weeks – the 20 week anomaly scan! It just so happened to fall on the same day as my ‘Nanny Ann’s’ anniversary. A sure sign that somewhere up there, she is watching over us.

After all of the drama from our twentieth week, I was so incredibly nervous in the lead up to this scan. I just wanted to know that baby was okay and that my infection hadn’t had any adverse effect on it’s ability to thrive.

We had two sonographers, one was a trainee, who were incredibly thorough in their checks. They started with the measurements, head, stomach, arms and legs, all were perfectly formed and lovely. Then the happy and healthy beating heart. Words cannot explain the feeling of seeing your baby’s heart beating. We saw the four chambers of baby’s heart, two seemingly healthy lungs and kidneys, stomach and a full and working bladder.

After all of this had been checked it was time to take a look at baby’s face. My bladder was so full that she was worried I might not be able to put up with the pressure of her poking around any longer so I had to quickly run for a wee. Baby lived up to it’s reputation of being a little monkey by the time it came to checking it’s features and profile, hiding behind a hand, an arm, sucking a thumb. We were asked to go for a walk, have a cold glass of water and go back to see if we could get baby to move to a better position for us to see what we needed to.

Finally, after a lot of jiggling, wiggling, poking and prodding we finally saw two eyes, a strong nose and two beautiful lips before that thumb was promptly returned for sucking!

And then, just before we left, I asked if she could tell whether we were having a girl or a boy.20 week scan gender reveal it's a

Without hesitation she answered immediately.20 Week Scan Gender Reveal it's a girl

We are having a baby girl. And we cannot wait to meet her!


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