Counting Baby Kicks – Review & Giveaway

Counting Baby Kicks – Review & Giveaway

Today I am 31 + 4 weeks pregnant, and if you have been following my pregnancy updates you will have noticed that I talk about our baby’s movements A LOT. In fact, if you were a reader here before I fell pregnant, you’ll know I’ve been talking about counting baby kicks for much longer as a part of the Know Your Normal campaign, and before that I was spouting on about it through Beebies and my volunteering. Monitoring our baby’s activity in the womb, along with regular midwife & medical appointments is so important in making sure she is well and thriving and this is something I really wouldn’t even know about without the work that Kicks Count do.

Firstly, why is it important to monitor baby kicks? Well, it’s simple really. Feeling your baby move is a sign that she is well. A change or reduction in her movements can be a sign that she is in distress, and when not picked up and looked into can lead to stillbirth. That’s not to say that every bout of reduced movements leads to this, but sadly, it often does and that’s why it’s important to always get checked out. Your midwife or maternity unit is open 24/7 and will be able to offer support and advice and are more than used to speaking to Mums about baby movements. Trust me, you’re not making a big deal of nothing.

Not only does this inspiring charity work tirelessly every day to save lives and raise awareness of the importance of monitoring your baby’s movements and reporting any changes, they also provide simple and affordable tools to help expecting Mama’s make sure they stay on top of counting those all important baby kicks! I’ve been using the Kicks Count Kick Counter Wristband since I felt that first little flicker at 14 weeks to gage our baby’s movement pattern each day.counting baby kicks kicks count wm

The wristband is brilliantly easy to use, you simply pop it on in the morning, and each time your baby gets a wriggle on throughout the day you move the slider to the next number. It’s important to note that the idea isn’t to count each and every individual kick, but to count each session of movement. counting baby kicks kicks count 2 wmNow, as Elizabeth explains in the video below, “sessions of movement” are completely down to each different person’s interpretation as not one pregnant woman is the same. I tend to count each round of movement in between a three or more minute rest. Movements can be anything from flutters and jabs to rolls and sweeps and despite popular belief, there is no set number of movements – none of this ‘just count to ten’ nonsense. As I said, every mum is different, and so is every baby which is why it’s so important to know what’s normal for you and your little one when it comes to counting baby kicks.

For me, the Kick Counter has really helped me to keep up with monitoring baby’s activity and given me the peace of mind that should something go a wry, I will have the confidence to report changes to my midwife without feeling as though I don’t know what I am talking about.

I first started to feel this little one at around 19 weeks pregnant. It was a bit too early to start counting baby kicks properly as patterns generally don’t seem to develop until later on.

At 22 weeks baby was starting to move more often and while there wasn’t much regularity, she seemed to be super busy one day and then really quiet the next. This did throw me off course a couple of times and I ended up calling my maternity unit for advice a couple of times as I would often not feel her all day. This was probably due to my having an anterior placenta and it being fairly early for a regular pattern to set in, but it is always best to check if you have any concerns at all throughout your pregnancy.

By week 24 I was feeling between 9 and 12 movement sessions each day especially at night and while I was in the bath. From here on, monitoring her activity became all the more important.

At 26 weeks pregnant, baby’s movements began to get a lot more stronger, and while she was  mainly wriggling first thing in the morning & last thing at night I had started to notice her a lot more throughout the day too. Despite contracting Norovirus and not being able to keep any food in, baby seemed to get more and more active.

Now at nearly 32 weeks, this little wriggler of ours moves pretty much all day and all night. It can be quite difficult to decipher when one movement session ends and the next one starts, but I am still using the Kick Counter as accurately as I can and as long as I know her general pattern, I’m confident I will be able to pick up on any changes.

The wristband comes in three different colours, pink, purple and cream, for the fashion conscious expecting Mama so you will always be able to match it to your outfit of choice and can even be used after birth for keeping a track of which side your baby last breast fed from, counting laps in fitness or for counting syns per day on the slimming world diet!counting baby kicks kicks count 3 wm

At just £3.50, the Kick Counter Wristband would be my number one pregnancy essential for any Mum to be, so if you’re currently pregnant yourself or know someone who is, I urge you to pick one up! All of the money raised goes towards the fantastic work Kicks Count do every day too, so you can count it as your good deed for the day, plus when you enter ‘amielizabeth’ at the checkout you can get 20% off!

Before I get to our giveaway, here are some common myths about pregnancy that you should know about – whether you’re pregnant yourself or just know someone who is.

Pregnancy Myths Bustedmyth 2 PREGNANCY MYTH 1 pregnancy myth 2

I’ve teamed up with Kicks Count to give you the chance to win one of their fab Mum-to-be bundles containing a Kick Counter Wristband in a colour of your choice, a sperm & egg pen and a cotton shopping bag – perfect for carrying your maternity notes. All you have to do is enter the competition below.Kicks count comp

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