35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant

So, here we are then. Today I am 35 + 2 weeks pregnant and while the weeks really are flying by the days feel like they last forever! The extra energy I mentioned in my last update seems to be long gone. I am super tired most of the tie and and that nausea from the first trimester is threatening to rear its head again… thankfully this time I’m ready with more capri suns than Tesco can stock and a bag full of maoams for when I need an instant sugar hit.

This week is my last week at work ahead of maternity leave, so I am hoping that a break from the early mornings and some time at home will ease the tiredness a little before the baby induced sleepless nights start – not that sleep is that easy to come by at the moment anyway. Over the last fortnight, I’ve finally accepted that I really need to slow down the pace a little and so I’ve cleared my diary pretty much until the baby comes.

The lasst to weeks have seen some exciting deliveries arrive at our house including our pushchair – the Joolz Geo Mono -, a snuzpod (thank you Jennie!) and the last few bits for baby’s room. Not to mention the 300 photos from my maternity shoot and baby shower  landing in my inbox that Alison suprised me with early!

The rate at which my tummy is growing blows my mind a little bit. Each morning I wake up and wonder if it’s really possible to get any bigger! I am rapidly outgrowing my current maternity wardrobe and suddenly cannot stand anything tight over my bump. Taking advice from some lovely tweeps, I headed to Primark after work today to stock up on a load of oversized, loose fitting basics. Nothing particularly pretty, but right now I just want to be comfortable. 35 weeks pregnant

I had a bit of a panic that I would never be able to lose the baby weight I’ve gained during pregnancy once baby arrives and ended up googling post natal weightloss tips at 3am one morning last week. Completely ridiculous I know. You’ll be pleased to know I have myself a telling off and have thought very little on the matter since… now pass me the ice cream would you? Aside from this minor lapse, pregnancy had made me so much more body confident. I really do love having a bump. This body has been growing a whole human being over the last 8 moths or so, I need to give it a bit more credit.

The only other thing to report about me this week is that I finally got to see my consultant today! We talked through everything that had been concerning us and it’s been agreed that I can head straight to the maternity unit at Pembury to have the baby rather than going to the birthing centre in Maidstone.

As for baby, she is measuring roughly the size of a honeydew melon (my eyes are starting to water as the fruit comparisons continue to get bigger!) and she is wriggling like a trouper as ever. As we near the end of my pregnancy, she is starting to move further down your pelvis ready for D-day. Over the next few weeks, her main task is to simply put on weight & increase her fat to 30%.

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