24 Weeks Pregnant & Viable!

24 Weeks Pregnant & Viable!

We made it! 24 Weeks and viable. *BIG sigh of relief*. This little girl has been growing in my tummy for 24 weeks and from now, if she is born the doctors and midwives have to try to help her survive, no matter how early.

We’ve had another fairly positive fortnight and I’ve even managed to go out two Friday nights in a row. The difference it makes to my mood and confidence to get dressed and made up is huge and it’s been really good for us all to be a little more sociable and catch up with friends.

It’s also given me the chance to try out a few more brands when it comes to dressing a bump! I plan to do a post on some of my favourite maternity clothing picks in the next week but favourites so far have to be this Bardot top from New Look & this dress from Boohoo. Much to Sean’s amusement the Big Bridget Jones-esque maternity knickers my Mum bought me made their debut on Friday night. I can’t lie they are amazingly comfortable but also fab for reducing VPLs in bump tight dresses!

Talking of dresses, I’ve been asked to be bridesmaid for my Uncle and his new wife-to-be in March and so last Saturday we headed for a dress fitting! Not surprisingly, the original dress we’d ordered pre-pregnancy wouldn’t even zip up, but luckily the store had one in the next size up which just needs a few darts removing and a couple of panels adding to either side to accommodate for this big bump of mine.

I know I say it every time, but this belly of mine really is growing at rapid speed. Thankfully, while I am gaining a little weight all over, I am mainly all around the front now. I have to wonder, considering baby is meant to triple in size, if not more, in the next 16 weeks, how on earth I am going to fit in anything or get anywhere at full term! I do love having a bump though. It’s my favourite thing about pregnancy – knowing that our little girl is living in there.

24 weeks

I am on a bit of a spending ban for baby after my recent clothing & essentials hauls but I did pick up a bundle of clothes from a lady in a neighbouring town for £25 and my oh my there was so much included! Well over £400 worth of clothes and all in such beautiful condition. My mother in law has crocheted us a lovely, super soft blanket for the nursery. This week, I’ve made a start on organising all of the bits we already have and sorting them into ages etc – perhaps the nesting has begun already? We’ve also been looking at prams and nursery furniture and making lists of all of the things we still need to get. We’re heading to the Baby Show next month and my friends are throwing me a Baby Shower in April so I think we will likely hold off on buying too much more until both of those have passed.

That, however, hasn’t stopped me from indulging in a little self love for me! Sometimes when you’re busy growing a baby you forget that you count too and so this week I headed to Rush Hair & Beauty for a new style and colour and treated myself to some new make up from the No7 counter after a makeover in store. I am going to book the massage my Mum bought me for Christmas soon too. I’ve been using the Mama Mio Skincare to try and reduce stretch marks and keep my skin looking radiant. My boobs appear to be a nice shade of blue at the moment as they begin to fill with milk and grow for the first time since I was 12 (nice, I know!) and so their Pregnancy Boob Tube lotion is very much in demand right now! I’ve also booked a bump shoot with my wonderful friend Sarah on her Red Shoe Road Show! The excitement is unreal.

Baby has definitely upped her wriggling game over the last couple of weeks and I’m tracking between 9 – 12 movement sessions per day with my Kicks Count Kick Counter. She moves mostly first thing in the mornings, in the bath and late thing at night but I feel movements all throughout the day. Sometimes the odd kick or twist catches me by surprise and makes me jump! From now, looking out for any changes in her pattern of movement is really important for reducing the risk of stillbirth so we’ll be keeping a close eye on her! On the topic of Kicks Count, they’re running a campaign called Love Your Bump between now and Valentines day and are raising money to continue the amazing work they do to save the lives of babies each day. I will be roping Sean in to paint my bump as part of their Love Your Bump competition and texting BUMP03 £2 to 70070 to donate to their fund.

According to Bounty.com, she is roughly a foot long – please tell me I’m not alone in immediately comparing her size to a subway – and weighs 600g (1.3lb). In vegetable terms, she’s around the size of an ‘ear of corn’. She’s now more accustomed to laying flat and her lungs are maturing to enable her to breathe air as well as water. Most mind boggling though is that her face is now fully formed with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. I wonder every day what she looks like!

I have an appointment with the midwife on Tuesday and then once we know all is well, I think we are going to make a start on her nursery!

That’s all from Bump & I this week I think. Keep a look out for my Kicks Count Love Your Bump entry – we’ll need your votes! – and if you haven’t already,take a peek at my previous pregnancy updates in The Bump Diaries.

A x

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  • hahaha I love the comparison with subway that has made my day. I couldn’t see the dress on the link :(I would’ve loved to see you in it.
    I can’t find anything ot wear now. I can’t wait to wear normal clothes again.
    Thank you so much for linking up #MaternityMondays

    • Haha, Can you tell pregnancy has put food constantly on my brain!? I’ll be doing an outfit post in the next few days so I’ll let you know when it’s live if you’d like? x

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