22 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant

Woweee! The last two weeks appear to have flown by. Today, I turned 22 weeks pregnant and it seems like only yesterday that we were waiting patiently at the 20 week scan. I had every intention of doing a little update this time last week, at 21 weeks, but time seems to have gotten ahead of me and so here we are.

We’ve had two really positive weeks with very little drama from our drama baby! (Touch Wood). She has become quite a wriggly little thing and I’ve started to monitor her movements with the Kicks Count app & my Kicks Count Kick Counter. There isn’t really much regularity as yet, and she seems to move lots one day and then, having worn herself out, chill for the majority of the next, although first thing in the morning and when I’m in the bath is when she is particularly active each day. I spoke to my midwife and she said that until 24 weeks, I shouldn’t be too concerned by the quiet days in between and because of my placenta being anterior (at the front), she maybe changing position so her movements are more cushioned. I will keep an eye on it.

At my last midwife appointment I was told that my blood type is Rhesus Negative and so I have been doing some research into the implications that could have on both myself and baby during pregnancy and after birth. This post from Sophie Ella and Me really helped me to understand what this meant. I am booked to have the first of two anti-D injections in March which will hopefully work to reduce any risks my blood type might bring on.

I’ve been super tired this week (we were in bed at 5.30 on Friday night and asleep by 7) and I have been waking up for the day around 3am each morning. Not to mention the endless amount of times I am getting up to pee each night. I’ve had a couple of nose bleeds but apart from that, pregnancy symptoms wise I’m feeling pretty good. I think both Sean & I are fighting off colds at the moment so that might be contributing to both of the above.22 Weeks Pregnant - Cravings

Up until recently, my only daily craving had been crisps (of any sort), but now I just cannot get enough fruit and veg. Yogurt and berries or a smoothie are my go to breakfasts and I probably get through at least one apple, orange and banana each day. When it comes to dinner, I have been having brocolli with EVERYTHING. I’ve had a bit of an aversion to pieces of red meat lately too.

My tummy seemed to pop almost over night last weekend and I’m now DEFINITELY looking pregnant if anyone had any doubts beforehand. My belly button is definitely almost stretched right out now too. One day it was normal, as it always has been, and the next it was gone! It seems to be changing with her position but it won’t be long until it stretches out completely, or pops out the other way. thumbnail_image1 (1)

22 Weeks Pregnant - bump

We’ve found it really hard to resist buying bits for our baby Girl over the last two weeks with all of the baby events going on and all of the pretty pink clothes lining the shops. We have started to stock up on Nappies when they’re on offer and have opted for a combination of Pampers and Asda’s Little Angels, along with wipes and other little toiletries for her bath time. We’ve also bought two tins of formula and some clothes – you can check out her first Clothing Haul here. As well as these, we had a rather exciting delivery from Shnuggle which I can’t wait to tell you all about in the coming weeks.

I think we will probably hold off buying much else now until we reach viability at 24 weeks. 2 weeks and counting! The recent baby loss storyline on Coronation Street and subsequent campaigning from actress Kym Marsh have really hit home with me and I’m mentally holding on even tighter to this little one until we get to the point where, if for any reason she comes early, the doctors have to try to save her and keep her here.

As for baby’s size etc, she is now the size of an aubergine. This has confused me a little as last week she was the size of a cantaloupe, which upon inspection at Tesco was bigger, but who am I to question?! She is roughly 11 inches long and likely over 1lb in weight. Her eyelids and lips are becoming more prominent and she has little tooth buds growing already.

I think that’s everything for this week, but don’t forget to catch up on our latest Bump Diaries entries including why we’ve chosen to bottle feed our baby and our Gender Reveal.

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