12 Weeks Pregnant… Or is it 13?!

12 Weeks Pregnant… Or is it 13?!

You’re not going mad, I’ve skipped a week – sorry about that. Nausea, exhaustion stepped up a few notches and the wonderful addition of PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) sent me in to a bit of a daze. When I wasn’t hobbling about in zombie state, I found myself hidden under the duvet not really able to move. Thankfully there’s been no more bleeding, but I think it’s safe to say that so far that the first trimester turned out to be a bit of a roller coaster.

But guess what!? We made it through, just, and on Sunday I turned 12 weeks pregnant. Finally we are into the second trimester – the one where you’re meant to feel better, return to eating your favourite foods that have turned your stomach for the last three months and maybe even start to glow. Although you all know how I feel about the illusive glow!

12 weeks pregnant calls for the 12 week scan and so today I headed to the hospital in the hope to see our happy healthy baby looking back at me, heart-a-beating the way it was three weeks ago. This time, as Sean had to work, we asked his Mum if she would like to come with me. We didn’t have to wait very long at all, we were called straight in and introduced to the three sonographers in the room which was such a friendlier room than the one at the gynae ward at Pembury. I hopped onto the bed and on went that familiar cold gel. She found his heartbeat straight away and there on the screen was our little miracle wriggling away. After a few minutes, the lady doing the actual scan explained that Baby was really really low so she couldn’t check the things that she needed to check and asked if I could and grab something sweet to eat, a cold drink and have a wander. We did just that and headed to Costa for a sugar fix! It would seem this baby is awkward like her Dad & thrives on sugar like her Mama.

Back we headed for round 2 and success! Baby had moved higher up and the sonographer showed us a healthy brain, stomach and bladder along with two kicking legs with two wriggly feet and two waving arms complete with clenching hands and fingers. By now baby had flipped onto his front which made it hard for the sonographer to get the measurements she needed. Try as we might (trust me, I never thought I’d have to jump up and down at a scan appointment), we just couldn’t get him to flip back over! It took ages, but she finally managed to get an upside down angle so that she could measure the spine and chord and some other bits I’m not sure what are. At the end of the appointment, as they were talking and discussing their findings, they mentioned that they believe I am actually 13 weeks and 2 days. A whole week further on than we thought! My due date has been bought forward to 28th May. I think I am going to work it from somewhere in the middle of then and 4th June. Baby is around the size of a kiwi and has been busy developing the finishing touches to her digestive system. He has been practicing breathing from his lungs and has learned how to suck.13 week scan 2

As for me right now my belly is getting bigger ad bigger by the day, and aside from an unexpected puking session this morning, symptoms definitely seem to be slowing down a bit. I am managing the PGP with paracetamol, gentle exercises and making sure I know and stick to my limits. The safety of this little one, and my own health, is not worth risking!

Excuse the grainy picture, bur here it is, our first bump picture. At 13+2. Our little miracle is growing. 13 weeks 2

So now, I wonder if I might slowly start to relax and allow myself to get a bit excited. We might… might… go and buy some little basics too. Maybe.

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