10 Weeks Pregnant – A Smoother Ride & Showing off our little Bump

10 Weeks Pregnant – A Smoother Ride & Showing off our little Bump

6th November 201610 weeks Pregnant

I am now 10 weeks pregnant and I think we can safely say that this week has been fairly plain sailing compared to last week! You’ll be pleased to know that the bleeding, even the spotting, seems to have stopped, and we’re back to business as usual when it comes to the symptoms side of things with the addition of hormone type headaches – thank goodness for 4head and paracetamol –  and constipation.

My appointment with my midwife finally came around and after a much needed sleep in (pregnancy insomnia is at a whole new level right now) I met my Mum and we headed to the doctors surgery where I met our stand in midwife, Kate & her student Lottie. Both were lovely and their friendly and calm persona’s immediately put me at ease.

I’d been warned that this appointment would take a long time. I was asked a number of questions about my health, lifestyle and family history. I was quite thankful that my Mum was with me as I wasn’t sure about all of the health bits about her pregnancies.

We discussed the bleeding I’ve had and the concerns that the hospital had had at 6 and 9 weeks and they made a note and ensured me that I could call at any time if there was any further bleeding.

They needed to take blood and urine samples so had drunk what seemed like my weight in water before we arrived. True to form my veins were not playing ball and they really struggled to draw blood from my arm so the phlebotomist was called to help out.

I was given a number of forms and advice by the midwife in a Bounty folder including flyers from Kicks Count and the Lullaby Trust along with a few vouchers for a Bounty pack and some other baby / maternity bits. It’s going to take me a while to read through everything I think, but I especially like the bump to baby magazine in there so far!

We’ve booked my next appointment for the week in the lead up to Christmas, so until then, that’s all there is to report from the midwife. Let the count down begin to the 12 week scan.

I have had quite a full on week with overtime at work and birthday celebrations that I’ve actually got through most of the week without afternoon naps – just going to bed super early in the evenings. I went out for dinner with the girls on Friday night and they are still so excited about our little bump. Whenever I see them they insist on seeing my belly and how much it’s growing. I’d ended up buying a maternity dress from H&M to wear out so I would be comfortable and it showed off this teeny bump of mine so nicely. thumbnail_image1Continuing the birthday celebrations, Sean & I went to see Bridget Jones Baby on Sunday at Bluewater and oh my goodness, I sobbed my way through the last half an hour! If you haven’t seen it and are wondering if it’s worth it, you must must must go.

The cravings seem to have gone up a notch – wotsits and strawberry icecream being at the top of the list. Jam or marmite on toast is a must in the mornings for keeping sickness at bay too. I am still off sausages, ham and smoked bacon and the idea of a normal size dinner in the evenings is a big no no.

My belly is getting bigger by the day and I’ve discovered the beauty of maternity jeans. I managed to get a bundle of maternity clothes from a facebook group for £30 and included were 6 pairs of jeans! They’re all from H&M and super duper comfy. I know it’s early days to be in maternity clothes already, but it would seem because of my op and troublesome ovaries, getting bigger sooner was always going to happen and in my eyes, comfort is key.

Baby is now the size of a date and his / her internal organs should now all be developing quickly. The tail has now gone and  her limbs and toes & fingers are all becoming more prominent. Her little eyes are moving from the side to the front of her head and her ears are starting to take their final shape.

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