33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity PhotoshootWe’ve had a really really busy few weeks hence this little update being over a week and a half late! Since hitting the thirty week mark and the big wedding weekend, I’ve managed to squeeze in a two day trip to Brighton with work, two midwife appointments, three mammoth shopping trips for our Easter Fundraising weekend for Kicks Count, a day of labelling 200 Easter Eggs ready for the tombola, days of clearing out and decorating our house, a maternity photoshoot, my baby shower and… well, the list goes on. All while still at work. Honestly, I think this is the first time I’ve sat down in the last three and a bit weeks without a huge list of things I have to do looming over me. Granted, there is still a list, but I’m almost through it. Also, between now and the last update one of my bump buddies gave birth to her beautiful twin boys!

I’ve felt better throughout the third trimester than I have for the the entirety of this pregnancy – I’ve been so much more active and had a whole load of energy (until this week that is!). I did have a bit of a funny turn last Monday with strange pains spreading across the top of my bump and middle of my back every five minutes and lasting about 20 seconds and a stupidly fast heart rate. It passed by dinner time though so we’ve put it down to Braxton Hicks or baby sitting on a nerve. The only other things I’ve really struggled with is getting comfortable at night so I’ve been making extra use of my Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow from Apples & Pips. I’ve also had a real slump in appetite and have been getting full really really quickly – probably something to do with the lack of room in there. My feet have been swelling up after busy days and I have to go to the loo about 1000000 times a day (okay slight exaggeration there). Bump has definitely taken growing to a whole new level over the last few weeks and I feel as though I’ve almost doubled in size. 33 weeks pregnant

I mentioned above that I’ve had two midwife appointments since the thirty week update, and they couldn’t have been more different. At 31 weeks + 2, my midwife showed concerns for baby’s heartbeat (she could not find it for some time and when she did, it was slow and nowhere near as clear as at previous appointments) and bump had not grown as much as my chart suggested it should. I was also showing signs of a UTI in my urine sample but after a few pokes a prods though, she seemed to almost forget all about it and we were back in the chairs talking about where I would be having the baby.

I have made it very clear from the start that I plan to give birth at our local maternity unit rather than the birthing centre. They are about a 20 minute drive from eachother, and with our genetic history, my recent surgery and my blood type I want to be where the doctors are in case anything should go awry. Not to mention my Mum’s history of placental abruption when she had me.  I know the hospital well, I was there on the maternity ward for my operation and we went there for both early scans. It just seems like it’s the right thing for us. Sadly, it seems my midwife did not agree. There was a lot of pressure from her to choose the midwife led birthing center, despite all of the above, she considered my pregnancy low risk… that was until I reminded her of all of the above and she suddenly panicked and flicked back through my notes. It turns out I should have been seeing a consultant every four weeks throughout my pregnancy, and not just whichever midwife showed up at my sporadic appointments. Credit to her, she called the consultants office straight away for a referral and said I’d hear in the next couple of days when my appointment would be, after that we would discuss further where I should have the baby. I heard a week and a half later, by letter, that my first and only appointment with the consultant will be at 36 weeks.

I was hoping for a little more consistency and a bit of reassurance at my appointment this Monday just gone. Truthfully, in the four minutes I was in the room, my midwife showed little to no interest in my wellbeing. She measured bump who is now measuring a week ahead, took my urine sample & found baby’s heartbeat quickly this time. When I asked about making more solid plans for birth, she told me I had to wait to see the consultant before even considering thinking about it. And that was the end of the appointment. Off home I was sent. I had not been given a chance to tell her about my funny turn, swelling or anything else for that matter. I can’t help but feel a little let down by the care provided throughout this pregnancy. I just hope that they are more on top of things when it comes to delivery!

Aside from appointments, the rest of the bits we’ve been up to have been rather lovely. We’ve been doing lots of preparing for baby’s homecoming including making the finishing touches to baby’s nursery, decorating our bedroom, another baby clothing haul and a wonderful maternity photoshoot. My friends also threw me a really lovely baby shower at the weekend which I will tell you all about soon.

Maternity Photoshoot 1
A sneak peek from my Maternity Photoshoot with Alison Lewis Photography
Check out baby's latest clothing haul!
Check out baby’s latest clothing haul!

Baby is now roughly the size of a pineapple! A pineapple! She weighs between 3&4lb and is head down. According to Bounty.com she could already have a full head of hair and her bones are a lot more solid now. The amount of amniotic fluid is at a whole new low as baby continues to grow and take up more room which would explain the sharper stabs when it comes to her moving! She’s also taken quite a shine to poking my bladder!

I’ve a few lovely review posts coming up for you this week so keep your eyes peeled for these a long with some more on our Baby Shower, recent purchases and my photoshoot with Alison Lewis Photography. 

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