Safe Sleep Solutions with Shnuggle

Safe Sleep Solutions with Shnuggle

One of the baby companies I’ve always loved, even since before I was pregnant is Shnuggle. Back when Beebies was just a baby I had the pleasure of meeting the brains behind the brand, couple Sinead & Adam at The Baby Show where they launched their range innovative baby products designed to make every day early parenting tasks as easy and as safe as possible. I’ve honestly never heard or read a bad thing about Shnuggle products or their service, which I can confirm is second to none. The Shnuggle bath & Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper are high on my wishlist for baby along with pretty much everything else from their range!

Anyway, just before Christmas, I got in touch with the Shnuggle team to let them know about my pregnancy and our plans to create safe sleep stations throughout our house for our little one and they agreed to send me some of their range to test out and feature here.

One of my main concerns when it comes to baby’s day time sleep at home is our dog, Alfie. He’s a very lively, slightly clumsy Jack Russell x Springer Spaniel who has a tendancy to knock into things and so we were looking for a safe haven for our little one where we can put her down without the worry of him knocking over an unstable stand in a moment of excitement which didn’t take up a huge amount of room in our small living space.  The combination of the Shnuggle Basket and Curve stand offers exactly sleep solutions with Shnuggle 4

The stand arrives flat packed and is easy to put together (I did it all by myself!) with a phillips screw driver. Once up, the four legged design is super sturdy which is just what we’re after. It stands at bed height so baby can sleep at bed level next to you should you use the stand for night time sleep and is perfect for having next to a sofa so you can keep a watchful eye on your baby during her day time naps.

For extra versatility, the Curve stand can be flipped over and used as a low level rocking stand to gently rock baby to sleep or use as an alternative place to lay and play. safe sleep solutions with Shnuggle 6

The stand also has the added benefit of being 100% portable which will be super handy for when we head out for days at our parents’ or want to relocate nap time to the garden in the summer. All you have to do is simply remove the basket and fold the frame in half. It’s light weight too which is a bonus.

safe sleep solutions with Shnuggle 5

As well as being wonderfully practical, the stand is made from sustainable MDF and painted in white matte paint to perfectly compliment any room in your house.

Unlike other moses baskets I’ve seen, the Shnuggle Basket is made of a super strong, durable and flexible plastic which is easily cleaned and wiped down in a matter of minutes. With the absence of the conventional wicker design, the Shnuggle basket makes no noise when baby moves around in her sleep meaning no unnecessary disturbances to her sleep.  It’s also a lot larger than your traditional moses basket allowing for extra wriggle room and more airflow around your little one promoting a perfect sleep safe environment.

safe sleep solutions with Shnuggle 2

Included with the basket is a made to size mattress and waffle liners and hood. The stay up hood can be kept in place using the clips either side, perfect for during the day for extra shade in a sunny room or if you’re using the basket in the garden.

The only drawback I can find so far to the basket is its weight. It’s surprisingly heavy, and while the handles either side are strong, I don’t think I would be comfortable carrying the basket with baby inside, even if just transporting from the stand to another surface. This however does not detract from how much I love both of these products.

For night time sleep in the first few months, we are hoping to use a Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper next to our bed on the Shnuggle rocking stand that we already have. I can’t wait for our little girl to try out the Shnuggle range herself and will report back with our findings when she’s here!

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