Review: A Beautiful Baby Gift from the Baby Hamper Company

Review: A Beautiful Baby Gift from the Baby Hamper Company

A little while ago, The Baby Hamper Company got in touch and sent me one of their Mother & Baby Luxury Hampers to review and oh my word, I am a bit blown away by how beautiful everything inside is! Everything arrived enclosed in an eco friendly cardboard box, wrapped beautifully with red ribbon – perfect for gifting at a baby shower or to a new Mama without even having to wrap yourself.

Inside was a range of neutral in colour, hand picked pretty-yet-practical baby products designed and made by a host of other independent brands along with a couple essentials for me as baby’s arrival draws nearer. A big tick for me as you know how much of a sucker I am for supporting small business.  I really like the fact that by potentially buying from just one place, you could support so many others at the same time. 

What’s inside?

The contents included a bundle of incredibly soft and brilliant quality baby clothes – a matching hat & body suit with a grey star print by Baby Bunting and an adorable spectacle sporting rabbit sleepsuit. They’re all in size 0-3m, so perfect for bigger newborns or for gifting after baby has arrived for them to grow into. I for one cannot wait to dress baby boy in the rabbit sleepsuit! It will be able to pass as pjs as well as a cute little outfit during the day too. I am going to be packing this bundle in my hospital bag just in case baby is a bigg’un.

Also included were a Pigeon Organics receiving blanket and an aiden + anais muslin blanket, both equally stunning in design. The receiving blanket is again, of amazing quality and you can feel that it’s made from the highest grade organic cotton just by touching it.  It’s reversible with a grey and mustard badger print on the front and a coordinating grey & white stripe on the back.

The muslin cloth is from the ever famous aden + anais range of exquisitely designed ‘musy’s’ and is a character-ful map of Winnie the Pooh’s home – 100 Acre Wood. Every Mama knows how essential muslin squares are with a newborn and it’s always such a bonus when they look this good too. 

For me, enclosed was a natural soy wax candle and lip balm from The Baby Hamper Company’s own range. Both (along with everything else in the hamper) will be accompanying me to the hospital when I have baby as the candle will create a relaxing atmosphere in the birthing room and lip balm is an essential for those who use gas and air as your lips get SO dry!

Lats but not least, there was a record book by the bright side. When I had Florence I received three record books and am yet to even fill out one of them (it’s on the list!). This one however is truly lovely and tells the story of your little one in a tone that is just perfect. It’s simple yet covers all of the important milestones and there is plenty of room on each colourful page for parents to write in comments and add photographs etc.

I absolutely adore this gift hamper and unlike so many others on the market it holds a combination of exceptional products which are not only practical but pretty too. I can honestly say I will be using every single one of the items included and I think that is quite a rare thing as normally there are one or two ‘filler’ items when it comes to gift sets that tend to be forgotten. This hamper retails at £80.00 which while at first might seem a little high in price, the quality of both the products & the service provided by The Baby Hamper Company is actually spot on in my opinion. I loved receiving this gift and think I have found my new favourite go – to retailer for new baby gifts! Check out their full range of hampers and other bits and bobs on their website here.

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