Pregnancy #2: 15 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 15 Weeks Pregnant

I can’t actually believe I’m finally sitting here, 15 weeks pregnant, with an empty lap and an entire hour of time to myself to just write and I think it’s pretty fair to say that this is a post that is more than overdue. I feel as though, in the madness of the last month or so, I have barely even had chance to acknowledge this little baby of ours who is currently cooking away in my tummy. I had hoped to write weekly updates as I did with Florence’s pregnancy however that hasn’t quite happened just yet — is this second child syndrome kicking in already?! Anyway I think the last time I told you about our little peanut I was about 10 weeks pregnant and in the depths of the first trimester.

Bleeding in the First Trimester

It would appear that the very day I wrote that little summary of the first trimester so far, I had another bleed. This time a heavier, redder, crampier bleed and so after a call to the Early Pregnancy Unit, we headed off for a second scan at 10 + 1 to have another look at everything. Thankfully, baby was absolutely fine and wriggling away again so we were sent home with orders to keep my feet up and call if anything changed. The bleeding stopped after a few days and touch wood, I’ve not had any more since. I think it’s just becoming clear that I am one of those women who bleed during pregnancy. I am thinking about writing a post sharing my experience of this so if you’ve any questions please let me know.

Pregnancy + Moving House = One Tired Mama.

The nausea and just feeling really awful carried on until last week. Feeling like you’re going to throw up constantly while packing boxes, moving house and looking after a toddler is quite a task and I felt utterly useless at pretty much all of it. Orders to slow down and rest from the midwife meant that any lifting boxes and helping in any way practically to get everything ready to move were out of the question and Sean was on hand to stop me if I even tried. However, I can finally say that we are out of number five and slowly unpacking and finding space for everything here at my Mum’s.

When pregnancy, parenting & moving house get the better of you!

The 12 Week Scan

At 12+1 weeks pregnant I had my 12 week scan. We no longer needed to go to the EPU and were back downstairs in the normal pregnancy clinic. The scan was so lovely and baby played ball the whole way through, pretty much bouncing around my uterus showing off all of his/her best bits. It is amazing to think that at 12 weeks gestation, the hands and fingers are already formed. The sonographer said that baby was around the size of my little finger  and in fruit terms the apps say it’s roughly the size of a plum at this stage. How can something so small already have a brain and hands and a little button nose? It amazes me every single time I think about it. As well as the scan, I had my blood tests done and they did the checks for Downs, Edwards and Patau’s Syndromes. They also have to do extra checks on my blood because I’m Rhesus Negative and Florence is O so they have to keep an eye out for any antibodies left behind from last time which could effect this baby.

Taken by a friend at a birthday party when I was 13 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and over the last two weeks the nausea has slowly started to subside and be replaced by a fairly sensitive tummy. I won’t go into too much detail here, you can work out what I mean by that I’m sure. However, with this aside I am feeling a lot more human and at least able to stand up straight! I think the weather cooling down has really helped too. Other symptoms that have either arrived or continued are intensely sore boobs (They are getting BIGGER by the day!) and tenderness on my right hand side. Oh and, a really random one, I’ve got terrible dandruff! I vaguely remember getting this towards the end of my pregnancy with Florence but this time it’s taken to a whole new level. Oh so glam!  I have started to feel little pops in my tummy now and I am pretty sure that this is the baby moving. It happens mostly in the morning or when I’m about to go to sleep and I love the little reminders that he’s (I am convinced I’m having a boy this time, by the way) in there. Sleep, while no where near as bad as when I was pregnant with Florence, has been somewhat difficult to come by – pregnancy insomnia + a unsettled toddler = One Sleep Deprived Mama – however I have turned to a maternity pillow in bed now to make sure the sleep I do get is at least comfortable. 

At 15 weeks, I am more like the size I was at 20 weeks pregnant with Florence! I was showing at 6 weeks and so I was only ever going to get bigger from there on really. I am in need of some serious maternity style inspiration as I am currently living in over sized tops from Primark and last pregnancy’s maternity jeans. I am really struggling to find bits that aren’t drab or just plain frumpy so point me in the direction of ANYTHING please.

What’s baby up to?

As for baby, he / she is currently around 10.1cm which is the equivalent to the size of an apple. Their body has caught up with their head and now everything is nicely in proportion. From here on out, the growing gets serious! The Lanugo has already started to grow to keep baby warm and while it’s eyes are still fused shut baby could very well be sensitive to light. Sight isn’t the only sense that they can make use of now either – baby should now be able to hear my voice which I just find amazing and their tastebuds have formed. The last week has also been about developing the sucking, gasping and swallowing skills. Busy Busy Busy.

We’ve a week of yet more unpacking and hopefully a few trips out with friends. With any luck I will be back this time next week with a little update for you at 16 weeks. It really is flying by this time.


We shared the news of this second pregnancy with a little video which, if you missed it, you can watch here. 

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