Pregnancy #2: 24 week pregnancy update

Pregnancy #2: 24 week pregnancy update

Hello 24 weeks! Today I’m 24 weeks pregnant which means we’ve made it to viability – such a huge milestone in every pregnancy. We are officially counting down rather than up now and there’s only 16 weeks to go!


Other than tired beyond belief – more on that below – I am feeling every day of 24 weeks pregnant at the moment. I seem to be growing at warp speed (as everyone keeps reminding me) at the moment and I think it’s having an effect on everything else too. SPD & a trapped sciatic nerve are making it really difficult to sit or lay comfortably and I’m waddling around wherever I go. I also get really full really quickly and so tend to now eat little and often rather than big meals which is in turn helping relieve the heartburn and reflux.

Oh so tired

Everyone always tells you how tired you’ll be when the new baby arrives. What they don’t tell you is that, from experience, it is nothing compared to the exhaustion pregnancy brings. Growing a baby takes a huge toll on your body and often, by 5pm I could happily go to bed for the night. Of course, the addition of raising a toddler (who has once again decided that sleep is for wimps) means that there’s no early bedtimes for me and instead my days are finishing at 11pm and starting at just after 5am with a whole lot of running around in between. It’s safe to say I’m in Mombie status right now.

Feeling a bit fragile

All these extra hormones are leaving me feel quite fragile at the moment and things that wouldn’t usually bother me are getting to me a bit. I’m having to remind myself that it’s impossible to please everyone and not to let things get on top of me.

How will we all fit?

While I’m definitely in countdown mode to meet this little one, one of the things that’s really been playing on my mind is how it’s all going to work with our current living arrangements. If you didn’t already know, we’re staying with my Mum at the moment while we save for a mortgage deposit and we’ve had to condense our two bedroom house into two rooms. I’m more than aware that our belongings are spilling out of our two rooms and slowly taking over their house and I’m seriously starting to wonder how another person and all of his things is going to fit. Of course, everyone knew this would . I’m feeling more and more guilty and anxious over it as time goes on.

Baby buys & wins

On a lighter, more exciting note I made some exciting baby purchases at the Baby Show and I even won a couple of instagram competitions too! We have a new bedside crib for the baby which I won through a competition with Channel Mum & Mini Maison, a bunch of goodies from the Gro Company, a NodPod and a few clothes and nappies etc too. 

What’s Baby Up to?

According to Baby Centre, baby is now the size of an ear of corn which is actually quite big. That explains all the strong kicks and rolls I can feel non stop. His brain is growing and developing quickly now and his face is fully formed complete with eyebrows and lashes. His lungs can now breathe air as they’re maturing a lot quicker now and he can now hear my voice and other sounds which he’ll apparently soon start to respond to. All in all, a pretty busy fortnight for baby.

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