Our DIY Gender Reveal Photo Shoot: The Outtakes

Our DIY Gender Reveal Photo Shoot: The Outtakes

So if you didn’t already see, I published our gender reveal at the weekend. I did a lot of planning and put a lot of thought into how we were going to announce our news but as things go, it all went a bit pear shaped! The weather was not on our side, the space where I wanted to shoot it was blocked by cars and Florence’s mood was declining quickly. So instead we opted to photograph it at home, in our bedroom in a slightly different way. I made a wall backdrop from a selection of pink, white & blue balloons by tying them to our headboard and removed the bedding from our bed. The light was fading so I set up one of my lights too just to try and avoid any horrid dark / yellow tinges! Eventually after a long hour or so of trying to convince Florence to cooperate we managed to get the shots we needed (you can see them here) but today, I wanted to share with you the outtakes… the story behind the seemingly perfect images. Because for one, I’m all about keeping it real and two, some of them are pretty funny.

Take this one… She spotted an open bar of chocolate and we said she couldn’t have any.

Well, okay then. Just one piece though. If it means we get the photo. 

Mmmmm! But then something happened to her hair. 

The sugar kicked in. And then she wanted more… 

Okay, just one more piece.

And then… because she ate the chocolate so fast, she was sick. 

Don’t look at me, Mama. 

Show ME that. Okay, okay, I will sit here, but first let me show you my book.

*Sniffs* – The noise a rabbit makes…

See I told you they’d make you smile.

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