It’s official, I’ve reached the third trimester and while in the most part I’ve eased my way through this pregnancy I’m really starting to flag a bit now. I feel every day of 29 weeks pregnant and with 11 more weeks to go until due date, things are about to get busy.


I’m not sure if it’s the recent arrival of a poorly starfishing toddler in my bed or the fact my bump is already the size it was at 40 weeks last time but the back pain has really ramped up this last couple of weeks. I Started to feel really nauseous in the evenings again and with all the sickness bugs going around I thought I might be about to come down with something but I think now that it’s just my body’s way of telling me to rest. I’ve also started to have Braxton Hickes and a few other signs that this baby might not be wanting to stay tucked up in there ’til due date already!

Time to slow down?

With baby keeping me on my toes a bit this last two weeks, it’s dawned on me this week that I’m constantly being told that I need to slow down a bit, which for someone whose brain needs to be busy at all times is quite difficult. I’m not someone who can just do nothing. Apart from anything else my to do list is too long, especially this time of year! BUT I have started to take the pressure off of going out each day a bit and Florence and I have been taking full advantage of having Sean home (yep, still no work!) to share the load. Saying that, I’ve opened a little Christmas shop online making and selling Christmas Eve boxes and stocking fillers for little ones in a bid to top up our savings pot which is keeping me fairly busy. If you’re looking for this kind of thing you can find us on Facebook.

Are you sure there aren’t two in there?

They’ve started… the entirely inappropriate questions at shop checkouts, the park and pretty much anywhere else. Yes there’s only one baby in there and No, they haven’t got my dates mixed up.

The name game

Oh my word, boys names are difficult! We must have read the baby name book front to back at least five times now and we are still no closer to agreeing on a name for this little one. With Florence, we at least had a shortlist. We want something that goes nicely with Florence and the surname Smith, that is a little unusual and or wonderfully classic at the same time and bonus points if it had a nature / floral origin… please, if you have any ideas send me your suggestions!

What’s baby up to?

At 29 weeks gestation baby weighs around the same as a butternut squash, which is roughly 2.7lbs and is circa 38cm long! He now has eyelashes and can produce actual tears now too. As his brain becomes more and more complex, its shape is changing from smooth to more bumpy and over the next 11 weeks ir will have created billions of neurons. His bones are also strengthening by the day which would explain the unbelievably strong kicks and movements I now feel all day long!

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