Pregnancy #2: 22 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 22 Weeks Pregnant

What a busy fortnight it has been! We had our 20 week scan and announced that we are indeed having a boy! I’ve had so many lovely comments and messages about our gender reveal so I thought I would take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you all for reading and for taking such an interest in our news.  I am now 22 weeks pregnant and only 2 weeks away from viability!


These last two weeks I’ve found myself getting tired around Florence’s nap time again and have even fallen asleep unintentionally while putting her down. I think where she is getting more and more active and I’m trying to fill our days with lots to do I’ve been forgetting just how much pregnancy can wear you out! I’m also really breathless a lot of the time and this weekend just gone I had either an allergic reaction or an asthma-y attack so I’ve booked into see my GP to just get some clarity on that. Baby is definitely still very active which is good and we seem to be getting into a bit of a rhythm when it comes to his movements and our daily routine.

I feel huge!

I seem to be expanding by the second and this last two weeks my face has really started to bloat – I feel a bit like a puffer fish at times! I am still in clothes smaller than I was at this stage during my last pregnancy but my tummy just seems ginormous. Until this weekend I have pretty much been wearing the same three or four outfits as they’re the only things I feel comfortable in, but I’ve been sent some really lovely maternity clothes which are a bit different to what I would usually wear so I am quite excited to try them out and share them with you.

The Buying Begins

Since finding out we’re having a boy I have been busy sorting through Florence’s old clothes picking out any neutral bits and bobs for him as well as looking online for some new things of his own. I have already picked up a few little sleepsuits from Boots but I am struggling to find anything I really love when it comes to boys clothes so if you’re a boy Mama, let me know your favourite shops to buy bright & colourful boys clothes! I have also received some beautiful items to review for baby boy too, including a Mama Designs blanket and a gorgeous hamper from The Baby Hamper Company which I can’t wait to tell you about.

The Name Game

If you’ve been round here a while you might remember what a nightmare we were when it came to choosing a name for Florence. Well, you won’t be suprised to read that we are having the same trouble this time around too. We have a couple that we tentatively agree on, but that changes daily so I’m not getting my heart set on any just yet.

What’s Baby up to?

Baby is now the size of a Papaya and currently quite skinny with wrinkly skin which will be being covered by lanugo, but he will soon start to fatten out as his weight gain begins to speed up. His eyes are well develiped and he more than likely has eyebrows already!

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