Pregnancy #2: 20 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 20 Weeks Pregnant

We made it then, 20 weeks pregnant! Wowsers. I am a little bit speechless at the speed at which this pregnancy is passing by and reaching the half way mark is such a huge milestone. We have our 20 week scan tomorrow which I hope to tell you all about on Wednesday, but in the mean time I thought I’d write a little update as to how the last two weeks have been.


A whole host of symptoms have reared their head over the last fortnight as I get settled in to the second trimester, mostly presenting themselves at night time. I’m finding it really difficult to get comfortable at night – not helped by a star-fishing toddler who refuses to sleep without me after 1.30am – and so I am really taking advantage of every minute I get with my maternity pillow and using the wrap around hot water bottle on my hips to try and ease the pain. I’ve a horrible feeling that SPD might be making an appearance again this time around. I’ve also started to get symptoms of heart burn which seems to be triggered by anything tomato based – I had this last time too. One other thing I’ve found this last couple of weeks is that when I go to the loo I sometimes feel this intense pressure down there – it passes as soon as I’m up again but it was a bit alarming to start with.

You’re a wriggly one

Baby’s Movements have really stepped up a notch and I can feel him/her wriggling away at all different parts of the day. They’re mostly quite low down or to the right of my tummy and sometimes they’re so quick and spinny that it can make me feel a bit queasy! I’ve only felt the movements with my hand on the outside twice so far, but as they begin to get stronger and stronger I can’t think it’ll be very long until I can feel or even see them externally! It’s so strange having a posterior placenta this time.

Making plans for baby

Around this time during my pregnancy o started making plans and lists of all of the things I needed to do and buy before she arrived. With everything a bit chaotic here at the moment, I’m really feeling the need to get extra organised and so the lists are in full swing and I’m ready to start getting stuff done as soon as we know everything is okay with baby at the 20 week scan. One of the things I really need to do is make some space for baby because at the moment while we’re living back at Mum’s we are a bit limited in that department. I think we will likely change the layout of our bedroom and I’ve already started to minimize the toys Florence has downstairs.

What’s baby been up to?

Baby is now the size of a banana, around 6.5 inches! He or she is becoming a pro at swallowing and also now developing meconium (which is the first poop baby will do).  We have our 20 week scan tomorrow and this is when we will find out whether everything is growing and developing right so I feel like once that’s all confirmed I will start to relax a lot more.   As I mentioned earlier they’re wriggling almost non stop so that’s always a good sign.

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