Pregnancy #2: The 20 week scan and our gender reveal

Pregnancy #2: The 20 week scan and our gender reveal

On Tuesday we had a rather an exciting day! After reaching the all important 20 week milestone on Monday it was time for our anomaly scan which meant we got to see baby again. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of anticipation before a pregnancy scan is there? I was so excited and yet at the same time fairly nervous and hopeful that everything with baby would be okay.

We left early with loads of time to spare but typically there were road works along the road leading to the hospital and so we arrived there in the nick of time. Sean couldn’t find a car parking space (why do they never make hospital car parks big enough?!) and so I went in on my own while he drove around with Florence trying to find somewhere to park. I let the sonographer know the situation and he was so lovely. Unsurprisingly it happens all the time and he said he’d have a little look around but hold off on telling me any of the important stuff until Sean made it in.

Eventually after getting hopelessly lost thanks to my directions – oops! – Sean made it to room five and joined us to find out all about this little one. Just like it’s sister, baby was in a really awkward position with its head right up against my belly button and facing down which made it quite difficult for the sonographer to see everything he needed to. However, baby was VERY wriggly and he did show us two perfectly formed hands and feet, a fully functioning stomach and revealed baby’s gender (which I’ll get to in a minute!) before sending us away for something cold and sugary to try and get baby to move into a better position.

After a quick bite to eat in Costa Coffee we returned to the waiting room where we were called in straight away. Baby was still in a similar position but after a bit of poking and prodding the sonographer managed to see everything he needed to and identified a beautiful butterfly brain, beating heart complete with all the chambers and a strong and growing spine.

Our little baby, Florence’s little sibling is growing perfectly and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

And so… onto the part you’re probably all waiting for. The gender reveal. Is baby a girl or a boy? You all know what my money was on!

We’re having a little boy! Florence is going to have a baby brother and she’s been busy practicing big sisterhood by reading her favourite books to her teddies (so cute!). We are so excited to meet our little boy. 

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