Packing my Hospital Bags – Labour & After Birth

Packing my Hospital Bags – Labour & After Birth

Despite my lack of birth plan, the time to pack my hospital bags has come. I have made list after list of things I need to pack over the last few weeks, but I’ve finally gotten around to getting everything ready. I’ve packed in three sections, labour, baby & after birth to make things a little easier when we’re there and saves us fumbling around to find things at the right time.

The Labour Bag

I am hoping that I will be able to have a water birth and I’ve packed my two piece swimming costume from The Essential One. I’ve not used it as much as I’d have liked to throughout my pregnancy so far, but the tankini top will be perfect for the birthing pool.

Because a water birth might not be possible or I might have to labour outside of the pool at some point, I have also packed an oversized night dress which is super comfy and not restrictive and ideal as a cover up if I’m walking around.

A lightweight dressing gown in case it gets chilly or labour takes a while to get going.

A pair of Blooming Marvellous Maternity knickers –  Bridget Jones eat your heart out – along with boots maternity pads for labouring after my waters brake. I’ve also packed some disposable pants and some more maternity pads to wear immediately after birth.

An old, dark towel for getting dry after the pool.

Lip balm has been the most recommended hospital bag essential, so I’ve packed the little tin of coconut & vanilla balm I got in my goodie bag at my baby shower.

A hot water bottle to help take the edge off of back pain expected from back to back labour.

Other essentials I’ve packed for me are hair bands and clips, flip flops, warm socks and slippers.

Closer to the time, I’m going to pop in a pack of bottled water and some high energy snacks to keep me hydrated and energised in the lead up to birth. There will be sweets and other more substantial snacks for Sean also – Dad’s need fuel too!Hospital Bag Labour Bag Me 3

I’ve included some baby bits in our labour bag too, ready for immediately after birth.

A Cuddledry apron towel to dry baby after delivery in the pool. It’s super soft and perfect for sensitive new born skin.

Pink heart receiving blanket to wrap baby up in in those early moments after our skin to skin cuddles.

Two Pampers nappies, cotton wool and her very first outfit.Hospital Bag Labour Bag Baby 1

Baby’s Bag

For baby, I’m using the Allis Luxury Changing Bag which we picked up from eBay to use as our main changing bag when out and about. It’s got lots of different pockets & compartments perfect for organising her bits & bobs so we can easily grab them when we need them in the hospital. For ease this will be packed in the wheeled suitcase which will also contain everything Sean & I might need post birth.

Inside the bag are…

Her clothes for a hospital stay; four short sleeved body suits, four baby grows, some socks, a pair of scratch mits and some bibs

2 x blankets – A super soft lightweight receiving blanket & our NodPod which will likely be used for our journey homeNodPod

3 x Muslin cloths from Boots Mini Club

1 x extra large muslin blanket from Zippy

1 x Orla Kiely Elephants GroSnuggrosnug 1

1 x pack of 24 Pampers newborn nappies

1 x pack of cotton wool pads

6 x cartons of ready made SMA baby milk formula

3 x tommee tippee bottles & teats which will be sterilised before we leave.

2 x AVENT dummies

and finally, her going home outfit – this adorable bunny baby grow from Boots.Baby Girl Clothing Haul 1.1

After Birth

For me, I’ve also packed some bits for after birth…

2 pairs of loose fitting pyjamas – Primark

A My Necessity nursing bra from Hot Milk – Even though I’m not planning to breastfeed, I am taking this for comfort!

My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits to help with healing

Sanitary essentials like extra maternity pads (2 packs)  and disposable knickers.

Toiletries (Shampoo, shower gel, dry shampoo, tooth paste & toothbrush, face wipes, deodorant, hairbrush, mama mio lucky legs, tissues etc)

No Halm Nipple Balm & Fantastic Skin Elastic from My Expert Midwife

Washable Breast Pads from Cake Maternity

A teeny makeup selection to make me feel a little more me when any visitors arrive

Going home outfit – H&M Floral MAMA dress, sandals and cardiganHospital Bag

We’ll also have our Maxi Cosy Cabriofix Car Seat.

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