My Birth Preferences: Planning for a Positive Birth

My Birth Preferences: Planning for a Positive Birth

With the final countdown to baby’s arrival officially on I have finallly gotten around to writing my birth preferences. I say preferences instead of plan, mostly because as anyone who’s ever had a baby before will tell you, birth plans rarely go to plan. With help from resources and everything I have learned through my course with The Positive Birth Company.

Birth Place : The Birth Centre

We wish to have a calm and quiet waterbirth using the hypnobirthing techniques I have learned over the last few months. Language is important to me in creating a positive mindset throuhgout my labour, so please refer to contractions as surges and avoid the use of the word ‘pain’.

Monitoring : Intermittent monitoring through sonic aid

Feel free to listen in at will without needing to ask. Ideally I would like to avoid regular internal examination and ask that this only takes place if requested.

Environment : Creating and maintaining a calm and relaxing environment is very important to me

Sight: I would like lighting to be dimmed throughout and battery tealights to be lit.

Sound: I have created a relaxing playlist including hypnobirthing audio tracks to play.

Smell: The Natural Birhting Co relaxing room spray.

Taste: Ice cold water

Touch: I would like to labour and birth in the water. If this is not possible I would like to be wearing my own. comfortable clothes.

Pain Relief : Please remind me of the tools I have used through hypnobirthing to manage pain. 

While I am open to using gas and air when things get too much, I would prefer to concentrate on breathing techniques throughout surges to manage discomfort along with positive affirmations, heat packs, cold flannels and light touch massage.

Please remind me of my wish to feel in control of my body.

Positions for labour & birth : UFO & Active

I hope and intend to remain upright, forward and open throughout. Please encourage me to stay active and change position. If not in the birthing pool I would like to give birth over the birthing ball or the couch.

Second Stage: Calm, quiet & taking my body’s lead

I would like to breathe my baby down so that he is born gently and calmly. It is important to me that I feel in control of my baby’s birth and take lead from my body. I wish to be able to bring my baby to my chest immediately. If that is not possible, I would like him to be passed to Sean for Skin to skin.

Labour Ward: I aim to replicate the calm and quiet envrionment of the birth centre

Should I need to birth my baby on the labour ward, i would like the calming atmosphere of the maternity unit to be closely replicated – dimmed lights, music and room spray etc. My preference is still to to labour and birth in the water.

If ‘on land’ I would like not be laying on my back and to remain upright, forward and open.

Please speak in hushed voices and communicate through my birthing partner so that I can concentrate on my breathing and labour. Please keep the amount of people in the room to a minimum.

Assisted Delivery: I will accept assistance if there is no other option

I would rather wait longer and allow my body to birth my baby unless there are obvious urgent medical risks and baby needs to be born.

Third Stage: The Golden Hour

After baby has been passed to me, please continue to keep the environment as calm and quiet as possible. I would like to wait until all of his blood is returned to his body before the chord is cut. I would like to birth the placenta naturally.

In the event that I have a post partum hemorrhage, I accept that I will need to have the injection and possible be transferred to the labour ward.

Unplanned cesarean: Gentle / natural cesarean please!

If possible, please play my calming music playlist and keep lighting at head end to a minimum. I would like to see my baby be born if possible so please left the curtain at this stage. I would still like baby to be passed to my chest immediately after birth.

Things to note

Should my baby need to spend time in special care, I would like to be able to care for him as much as possible.

When it comes to feeding, my preference would be to bottle feed but I am happy to receive advice and guidance on beginning to breastfeed for the first few days. This is especially important to me if baby is in need of special care.

I am happy for my baby to be given the vitamin K injection.

So there it is, down on paper as it were. Now we just have to wait for baby to be ready.

Just so you know…

I have been gifted a digital hypnobirthing pack from the Positive Birthing Company in return for my honest thoughts in the form of a review. I have not been asked to mention them in this post.

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