Love2Sleep Maternity Pillow Review

Love2Sleep Maternity Pillow Review

There comes  a time in almost every woman’s pregnancy when sleep begins to elude her. A combination of pregnancy insomnia (yes, that’s a thing!) and sheer discomfort as your body starts and continues to adapt for the tiny human it is busy growing can lead to a bunch of sleepless nights – even before the baby arrives. It would seem these ever so desirable pregnancy symptoms have come early again for me and I’ve already turned to some products and relaxation techniques to help me stay as rested as I can at night time. One of those products is a Maternity Pillow.

Last time around, I really suffered with SPD from around 10 weeks and so turned to a maternity pillow to try and ease the discomfort at night time. Unfortunately, in the end, the one I had just didn’t really work for me and I found having to adjust the pillow every time I turned over so so frustrating so for this pregnancy I’ve opted for a completely different brand and shape.

The U Shape body pillow from Love2Sleep offers full body support, helping to ease back, shoulder & neck pain specifically. My hips are already becoming quite uncomfortable again and I’m finding sleeping with my legs bent either side of the pillow is definitely helping. This style of pillow is also great for helping you get used to sleeping on your side during pregnancy. I normally sleep on my front but there will no doubt come a time when my tummy is just too big for that and maternity healthcare advisors recommend sleeping in the ‘SOS’ position (on your side, knees bent with a pillow between them) to maximise the amount of blood and nutrients reaching the placenta. There is also some suggestion that sleeping in this position reduces the risk of still birth.

As well as for sleeping, I have used it to prop me up in bed to watch TV or blog and I can envisage this becoming more and more common over the next few months as I begin to get bigger and more uncomfortable. I think it will also be great for feeding the baby when he or she arrives.  It would seem I am not the only one to be reeping the benefits of the Love2Sleep U shape pregnancy pillow in our house. My sister was actually the first to try it out and after seeing how comfortable it is she’s going to be ordering one for herself, just because! Florence loves snuggling down to watch Hey Duggee in the mornings cocooned in it and finds it hilarious when she pulls either side on to her legs to act as a cover – cheeky monkey! It’s the perfect spot to sit and read a story too.

Even the dogs have taken a liking to it when they think I’m not looking.

There are a range of patterns and colours to choose from, and after flicking through them I opted for the teal stars design with a spare white cover to use between washes.

The only drawback for me is the way it seems to hold the heat! With the recent heatwave, nights have been unbearably hot and being cocooned between the ‘U’ has only heightened that. But, I am sure this will start to pass as the temperatures begin to drop a little.

There are so many maternity pillows on the market, many of them retailing at around the £40 mark so I was quite impressed to find that this one only costs £18.45 including a cover of your choice. Plus, for readers of my blog, they’re offering 10% off all U shape pregnancy pillows when you enter AMI10 at the checkout.

I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Love2Sleep twitter team who are not only incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about their products, they are possibly the nicest, customer friendly team I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If you are in the market for a maternity pillow, or any other kind of bedding product be sure to drop them a message as they seem happy to help and even go beyond expectation if need be.

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