Introducing My Expert Midwife and finally starting to think about birth

Introducing My Expert Midwife and finally starting to think about birth

As you know, a couple of weeks ago I visited the Baby Show at London Excel with my friend Jennie. I talked about my highlights of the show in my 28 week Pregnancy Update, but I missed out one very exciting part of our day that has been kept underwraps until now. We were invited to a top secret lunch time meeting to meet the founders and find out more about an upcoming brand targetted at new & expecting Mamas.

Those lovely new founders were Midwife & mum of two Lesley Gilchrist and Claire Charlton also a mum of two and specialist in pre, post-natal and baby massage, two inspiring friends dedicated to talking out about those bits of pregnancy, birth & afterwards that no one seems to speak of, the bits they don’t show you on the TV or tell you about in the glossy magazines. Sitting around the table listening to Jennie, Lesley & Claire chatting away about their birth experiences, I have to admit I suddenly felt SO unprepared! Until that day, my only real thoughts about birth, my only plan, was to get this baby out and  to accept that the whole thing would bloody hurt. Not once had I really considered that I could make that experience any less painful or do anything to limit the after effects of birth. As far as I was concerned, I’d either tear or I wouldn’t, need stitches or not, cope or crumble.

Together they have created a range of essentials to help ease pre & post-natal discomfort and after three years of research and testing, I’ve had the pleasure of being one of the first people ever to test out the finished products by ‘My Expert Midwife’. For me, the range is split into two halves – Pre & Post Natal.

First up is their Fantastic Skin Elastic. I’ve been using this moisturiser daily since the Baby Show. Formulated to not only soothe the tightening skin across your tummy as your bump grows, it’s filled to bursting with miracle working vitamins and oils to help elasticise your skin, relieve constipation & promote bowel movements. Upon application, it has a cross between an oil & gel like consistency and goes such a long way compared to other products I’ve used. YOu literally only need one pump of product to cover your entire bump and more. I’ve loved taking the time out to massage my baby belly each day. We’re at the stage in this pregnancy where she moves pretty much all the time, but especially so when I touch and stroke my bump so using this product is such a lovely prompt to spend some time bonding with our little girl. An added bonus to this product is that you can use it pretty much anywhere – boobs, bum, legs… the list goes on and something tells me I will definitely continue to use this after baby arrives.

Now, I have to confess, I’ve not used this next product for it’s intended purpose just yet, partly out of not knowing where to even start, and partly because I’m a bit of a prude BUT… Peri Prep Your Bits is a unique massage oil designed to do exactly what it says on the bottle! Prep your bits for childbirth. Using daily to massage ‘down there’, Peri Prep helps to increase your intimate area’s ability to stretch and reduces the risk of tears & bruising when your baby is ready to make her exit. Plus it promises to aid post birth recovery and is even said to soothe the ever so glamorous pre and post birth piles! This perineum massage lark is probably something I should try and get my head around!

Spritz for Bitz is probably my favourite item from the range and is ready and waiting to be popped in my hospital bag when I pack it next week. I’ve not really spoken about it on the blog before, but since about 16 weeks I’ve been quite sore and irritated down there. I’m told it’s quite normal, something to do with the increase in blood pumping around your body and  discharge that pregnancy brings but at times it’s been so incredibly uncomfortable and nothing much has been able to soothe it. Spritz for Bitz is intended for relieving post birth discomfort, but I’ve found over the last couple of weeks it has really helped ease this tenderness too. You can safely spray it directly onto the perineum / anal area directly after birth for instant relief from the pain caused by delivery.

Last, but by no means least, is their No Harm Nipple Balm – a must for breastfeeding Mama’s to heal cracked nipples without having to worry about removing it before each feed. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the clever bottle allows for one handed application so for hassle fee use. This product is also safe for use on baby from birth, and so perfect for relieving sore bottoms and new born skin irritations.

Claire & Lesley are launching this fab range in line with their #LetsBeHonest campaign to encourage women to talk about the pre and post natal symptoms which tend to go unspoken because of embarrassment or lack of information. Please do head over to their twitter to find out more and join in the conversation.

Today I’ve teamed up with My Expert Midwife to give you the chance to win the full My Expert Midwife range as some extras to help you on your way to packing your hospital bag. All you have to do is complete the raffle copter entry form below.IMG_6972

Terms & Conditions : All criteria set out below must be completed in order for your entry to be successful. The prize is non transferrable and will be sent in two parcels. The giveaway ends on Tuesday 21st March.

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