Could I be a boy Mama?

Could I be a boy Mama?

When I fell pregnant with Florence, I knew almost immediately that she was a girl. Something in my gut just told me she would be, and while I entertained the whole pink or blue debate,I knew that the sonographer at our 20 week scan would tell us that we were going to have a daughter. And if you asked me last time what did I want, and I  told you I didn’t really mind, I’m sorry but I lied. My heart was set on a little girl. This time though, I’m really not sure. I wonder if it’s because we found out i was pregnant in a bit of a fluster and I just didn’t get a chance to sit and take in the news like I did last time, but it took me a lot longer this time to get any sort of sense of the little person growing in my tummy.

Until just before I fell pregnant this time, I always pictured myself surrounded by daughters. Perhaps because I grew up in a house of three females, maybe just because until then that would have been my preference? But over the last weeks, I’ve really started to picture our family with a baby boy, a little brother for Florence, and somehow that just seems right. The idea certainly doesn’t seem as alien as it would have two years ago and I’m actually quite excited at the prospect of becoming a boy mama. I’ve been picking out clothes I like, I have one boys name that I have fallen in love with and I can feel my instinct really leaning towards a boy.

Being the mother of a pair of sisters seems just as natural and right too. This time round, I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that whether this little Peanut is a girl or a boy, I will be equally as overjoyed. It’s all quite exciting isn’t it?

Did you have a preference as to whether you had a girl or boy? We’ll be finding out in the next few weeks either way so keep an eye out for that news!

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