Finding Out

Finding Out

25th September 2016. 09:38am. (estimated 4 weeks & 4 days)

OH MY GOD. I can hardly believe I am writing this. My heart is pounding and I’m shaking so much it’s hard to type!

Sean and I have been trying to conceive for the last 9 months. It’s been hard, it’s been draining, at times utterly sole destroying as each month I’d get symptoms and my period would be late and then we’d get that tiny flicker of hope blown out by a negative test or the eventual arrival of Aunt Flo.

But this morning, 3 months after my ovarian cyst was removed and almost a week after we moved into our new home, we got those all important two pink lines. Finding Out
This month is the first month where I haven’t really thought about it, I haven’t been looking out for signs and symptoms, in truth, I’ve been too busy to stop and think for even a second. Looking back, it seems all of the signs were there – my boobs have been so sore and achey that wearing a bra for any length of time has been impossible, my nipples feel like they’re on fire and my skin has been uncharacteristically clear for the last couple of weeks. I just put the tiredness down to the stress of the Know Your Normal ball and moving.

Sean is away at the moment in Germany having completed the 18km tough mudder yesterday. Signal is patchy and though I have heard from him a couple of times since he left we’ve been a bit out of touch. For a split second I wondered whether to wait until he got home before I told him, but I couldn’t. This is too big news to keep to myself! I text him straight away, sitting on the toilet staring at the test in disbelief, asking him to call. Saying it out loud to him made it all feel real. We’re so happy, so excited and I can’t wait to be able to shout about this little miracle from the roof tops soon.

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  • Ohhh I loved reading this! It’s so excited after having gone through such a long process to get pregnant! Prayers and congrats to your family!

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