My birth centre Risk Assessment

My birth centre Risk Assessment

When I was pregnant with Florence I was adamant that I did not want to give birth anywhere that wasn’t on the labour ward at the hospital. I wanted there to be doctors on hand immediately should something go awry and I was determined that it would be the best setting to welcome my baby into the world. This time though, I couldn’t feel more different and I’ve found myself planning for an entirely different kind of birth at our local midwife run birthing centre.

We had our tour just before Christmas and I was immediately taken by how calm and quiet it is there. Everything is designed and laid out with relaxation in mind and as soon as we walked in I knew that this was where I wanted our little boy to be born. As soon as I got home, I started my course (gifted) with The Positive Birthing company and everything I learned from the videos just cemented the fact that the birth centre would be perfect for us and our baby in my mind.

Of course, it’s not always a given that you’ll be able to make use of their facilities and so on Saturday I headed there for my risk assessment. We were greeted by a friendly midwife who showed us through to the ‘garden room’ – a tranquil communal area designed for families to spend time together outside of the post natal bedrooms. I was asked a number of questions about my medical history, and how my pregnancy has been this time around. I explained how I barely see my midwife and what happened with the whole gestational diabetes saga and she was so very kind & understanding of my frustrations.

We also talked about my birth experience with Florence and I mentioned how despite it being a pretty complication free labour & birth I didn’t feel very in control at all. Most of the time I had hardly any idea of what was going on. I explained how this time I felt the need to have more control and more say about my birth and my baby and what I have learned from the online hypnobirthing course I’ve done through The Positive Birthing Company. She was very supportive of this and explained that the centre are very pro hypnobirthing techniques and would be happy and equipped to assist with creating the calm and relaxed atmosphere required.

I was then taken into the birthing room to have some regular midwife checks including urine sample, blood pressure and a quick measure of my bump. Everything was fine aside from the fact that I am fairly dehydrated so I’ve got to up my fluid intake quite significantly. Baby is measuring at the larger scale of the chart too so she advised me to cut back on sugar and carbohydrates. Easier said than done when all you crave is chocolate!

I came away feeling even more determined than before to have baby boy at the birth centre rather than on the labour ward. It’s a lot more practical as well, as it’s closer to home and will be easier to sort the logistics of childcare out for Florence if I go into labour while it’s just she and I at home. I just need to keep him tucked up in my tummy until next Monday when I turn 37 Weeks and with any luck it’ll all work in my favour.

I’ll be publishing my birth plan on here in the next couple of days, likely along with a 36 Week pregnancy update so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Just so you know…

I have been gifted a digital hypnobirthing pack from the Positive Birthing Company in return for my honest thoughts in the form of a review. I have not been asked to mention them in this post.

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