Baby number 2

Baby number 2

We have reached that stage, with Florence about to turn one, when the conversation has started to include ‘the next baby’ and we’ve had a few questions lately as to whether or not we will be having another little one any time soon. I know for some, this can be quite a difficult question to answer, but for us talking about our future plans for our family comes pretty freely.

The truth is, I’ve been ready for another baby since the moment I held Florence in my arms. I remember laying there in the hospital bed about 10 minutes post birth and saying to Sean… “shall we do it again?”. Becoming a mother seemed the most natural thing in the world to me and right then and there, I promised myself I’d never allow myself to feel desperate for a baby again. I’ve always pictured myself being surrounded by children of my own. This past (almost) year has been the best of my life and for me, motherhood so far has been everything I ever dreamed it would be.

In short, and this is probably the most detail I will ever go into when it comes to this side of baby making, we never really stopped trying. The goalie never resumed his position. And while there have been times where a bit of the other hasn’t been on the menu thanks to baby induced sleepless nights and the sheer exhaustion you experience as new parents, there have been many a month where we thought a positive test might be possible.

Here we are in May, 10 months since my periods returned and we are yet to see those all important two lines. I’m not freaking out just yet, it took us quite a while to fall pregnant with Florence and it turned out that the two large cysts inhabiting my ovary was probably to blame for that because pretty much as soon as they’d been removed we fell pretty quickly.

The only thing that is making me a little nervous is the return of some of the nasty symptoms I had in the lead up to them being removed. Ovulation is incredibly painful and often sees me lose a day to illness. I have this horrible niggling pain on my right side, just near my groin, which can knock me for six sometimes and In the lead up to my period being due I feel…. well… pregnant! I guess it’s probably been going on since just after Christmas and last week I finally called to doctors to see what he makes of it. He’s booked me in for an ultrasound to have a look at what’s happening in there and I’m really hoping it’s all just a hormone / scar tissue thing but if it’s anything more we’ll just deal with it at the time.

In the meantime though, we are hoping to grow our little family very soon. Watch this space lovelies.

What was the age gap between your little ones?

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