Baby #2 | Finding out we’re pregnant & the first trimester so far

Baby #2 | Finding out we’re pregnant & the first trimester so far

If you’re reading this, then we must have just announced our little secret to the world. If you didn’t see it, and you haven’t gathered from the title of this post (really?), we are expecting baby number 2 in February. How exciting! Anyway, I thought I’d share a little bit about how we came to know about this little bean growing in my tummy, and how the first trimester has been treating me so far. Spoiler Alert: A LOT better than the last time!

Finding out we are pregnant

So those of you who have been around here for a while or who watch my daily ramblings on insta stories, you’ll know baby number two has been in the making for a while. You will also know that we were concerned that conceiving may be just as difficult as it was when we were trying for Florence, as I’ve been suffering a lot from irregular periods and pain on my right side where two large cysts had inhabited my ovaries for some time before. Well, it turns out, that despite the scan showing everything was clear, I just had this strange feeling so on the way home, I picked up a pregnancy test from the chemist and came straight home to do it. Sean was sitting downstairs with Florence while I went up to do the test and as that second pink line showed up I was both shocked and filled with guarded excitement and I think Sean was the same. Baby number two!

The First Trimester

Six weeks pregnant

I actually feel fine. I am waking up for the day fairly early – well, earlier than normal – and the mornings can be a bit of a blur of dizziness but a slow start before Florence wakes up tends to clear that after a while. I’ve had a bit of an upset tummy this week and get a bit nauseous in the afternoons, around 4pm but aside from that and needing an earlier night I feel quite good. I haven’t had any results back from the doctors yet, so nothing had been confirmed about what’s going on in there but the absence of my period and these niggling symptoms are a good sign that the pregnancy is at least going well so far.

I’ve had to head out and buy some clothes to hide this early pregnancy bloat too – thank goodness for H&M – as we’ve only told a select few about the baby this time and I already look about 12 weeks pregnant!

It dawned on me this week that we could actually have a boy! I’m not quite sure why I had t really thought of that before, of course there’s a 50% chance this baby will be a boy, but I think because Florence is a girl I had just automatically assumed this one would be too. Blame baby brain! The prospect of being a boy Mama is actually quite exciting and I’ll confess, I have already browsed the online sales for cute boy bits just to see what is out there.

Seven weeks pregnant

It seems this little bean is taking after its big sister already. I started bleeding this week and we ended up in A&E with a suspected ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully, since then, that seems to have been ruled out but I won’t lie, it was incredibly stressful.

The pregnancy bloat just continues to expand and it is becoming VERY hard to hide my belly. I’ve just been sticking to seeing people who already know about me being pregnant to avoid any awkward situations.

This week a few other symptoms have arrived too – my nipples are incredibly sore, I have had a few intense headaches and I start the day feeling really dizzy.

Eight weeks pregnant

Hello nausea! So I thought had gotten away with it this time round but oh my goodness as soon as the eighth week arrived that constant ‘I’m going to be sick’ feeling came with it and completely knocked me for six! I’ve been looking for some remedies that at least ease it so I can play with Florence during the day and I’ve found that lemon sherberts and always having a big bottle of iced water has helped a little. I’m going to go and pick up some travel sickness bands as well.

The bleeding from last week has continued this week too so we’ve been looking into booking an early scan just to check everything is okay. I don’t feel too worried about it though so that’s a good sign I think!

Nine Weeks Pregnant

Turning nine weeks is quite a milestone for me. This last week has been a busy one with us finally getting started on the packing for our move back to Mum’s, my booking appointment with my midwife and a couple of days of just good, quality time as a family.

Nausea is still in full swing and while I wish I could say it’s killed off my appetite a little, I actually can’t stop stuffing my face throughout the day! It’s terrible. I am determined not to be as big as I was last time around by the time baby comes, so once I can stand without wanting to throw up I really do need to stay as active as possible. I’m also thinking of going back to slimming world and following their pregnancy regime.

My midwife appointment was so much more positive than any of the ones I had the first time around. It’s the same midwife so I’m not sure why, but she was a lot more thorough and chatty and just better. Despite it being early, we talked birth choices and while she was keen for a home birth we agreed that I would aim to go to the birth centre rather than the maternity ward this time just because my birth last time was quite straightforward.

Ten Weeks Pregnant

We started this week with a scan at 9 weeks +1 day having been referred by my midwife last week. She was concerned about the bleeding I’ve been having and just wanted to check everything out. We arrived at our local Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre (not the gynae dept we used to have to go to with Florence) and the midwives there were so so lovely. They talked us through everything they were about to do and also really took an interest in us. It makes me really reassured that I could be having baby at this same hospital in their birthing unit this time. Anyway, we had a very lovely scan with a super wriggly baby all in the right place and healthy.

With this reassurance under our belts we decided to make my pregnancy public! We filmed a little video (you can see it here) and popped it on my blog & social media channels. We had so many lovely messages of congratulations and it feels such a relief to finally not have to hide it!

I’ve been really struggling with the nausea and dizziness in this heat. Poor Florence is having to be played with from the sofa as some days standing up just isn’t an option if I have any intention of not passing out and is being such a good girl. She’s been struggling herself with a poorly ear and cutting two molars.

We are also getting a bit more ready for our house move. I tell you, packing while feeling so crap with a toddler in tow is no mean feat but we’re getting there.

I’ve been reading a lot of my blogging friends posts on their second pregnancy and coping with two under two this week. I’m going to share a big post of some of my favourites soon but head over to Fizzy Peaches & Treasure Every Moment if you’re in a similar position to me.

I think our pregnancy updates will be coming weekly if I can keep on top of them, so watch this space next Monday for our 11 week update.

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  • Aww it’s such an exciting time (though I’ve seen on Twitter that morning sickness has hit hard, so sending you all the strength and positive thoughts ) ☺️ Also, thank you very much for mentioning my blog – I look forward to following your journey into parenthood with two children

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