6 Weeks Pregnant – Spotting, De Ja Vu & Lusting after New Look Maternity Clothes

6 Weeks Pregnant – Spotting, De Ja Vu & Lusting after New Look Maternity Clothes

Wednesday 5th October, 20166 weeks pregnant

Well, week six was a bit bumpy to say the least. On Sunday, I woke up to some spotting and the pain in my side had been getting progressively worse. We called 111 and after answering about a million questions they asked me to go straight to A&E to be checked over in order to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Bloods and urine were taken and they did both internal and external examinations but without a scan they couldn’t be sure what was going on. Apparently the NHS do not offer scans at the weekends (!), and so they had to book me in for today instead with strict instructions to go home and rest until then.

Sean had to work, so my Mum came with me to the hospital and as we sat in the emergency Gynae waiting room, memories of the last time I sat there in June came flooding back. Last time I was here, the words ectopic pregnancy had been dished out but everyones main concern was an Ovarian Cyst.  I remember sitting and watching as anxious couples were called in for their scan, and walked solemnly back out again by a well meaning nurse holding miscarriage advice flyers and offering tissues and a cup of tea as they digested the news they had just been given. It dawned on me that there was every possibility that that could be me today.

The sonographer was lovely, a really friendly and gentle lady who talked through what was likely to happen throughout the scan and exactly what she was looking for. She promised to tell me as quickly as possible whether there was still a pregnancy and if it was in the right place. And she did. Within about 10 seconds she had found the  little but strong heart beat and a 4mm fetus growing happily in my womb. The relief was felt around the room! She confirmed that I am roughly 6 weeks pregnant and checked my ovaries and fallopian tubes for anything other than the scar tissue from my op that might be causing the pain. Nothing was evident so I was free to go, a blurry picture of my little one and the contact number for the ward tucked into an envelope clasped in my hand.

So anyway, apart from giving mama a scare, what’s baby up to? According to my Nurture app, baby is now the size of a grain of rice, weighs roughly 0.2g and her little eyes, mouth and ears are all starting to grow and her arms and legs are developing into little buds.

How am I feeling? Symptoms wise, I never thought I would feel this pregnant so early on. As each day has passed a new and fierce symptom has reared it’s head and I am already growing out of most of my clothes. The maternity leggings have been cracked out and my NewLook maternity basket is waiting for payday.

I seem to have more symptoms first thing in the morning (nausea, fatigue) and late evening (constipation, backache, more nausea). When working, I am exhausted by 2pm and starving and yet by the time dinner comes I find myself eating because I should and not because I want to.

What’s in store for the next week? I am going to talk to my boss when I get back to work on Friday and let her know what’s going on. I am a little nervous, as I have not worked there for very long but I’d rather be 100% honest than feel like I am hiding something.

Sean & I are going to try and get out for a few long dog walks over the next week as I really want to maintain some level of exercise throughout this pregnancy. As I said, I am already outgrowing most of my clothes so I’d like to at least try and stay as active as possible as to not gain unnecessary weight.

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